Doors Of India #DoorsOfIndia

door1Few Doors are beyond worldly(also wordy)  explanations. Such as this Hoyasala Dynasty (Karnatak) created beautifull gateway of temple-Abode of God. On both side Vijay? dwarpal keeps an eye? always they remain on Gaurd. But in this photo i wish to point out that even God-Lord lives here, his gate-Door of abode has no Life without these lovely colourfull followers-seekers. Thus we as seekers make this Door more beautifull- i will write in favour of women. Our Women folk, if they enter this Door, its importance is more, women of houses seldom get time to visit abode of Almighty, as they are constantly and continuously engaged in household chores. performing duty-catering needs of all family members-Husbands, relative, Children and keep their house neat and clean. Mother is first teacher-thus she has responsibility to groom her children into good citizens. Therefore, if any women-Mother enters abode of God -the temple through this Door, God feels extremely gratefull to mothers. It is He who welcomes such guest.


Doors Of India #DoorsOfIndia


For some Doors become matter of forgotten past. Once they decide to leave home, they have to take decision of coming out of door. Once they come out Doors do not exist for them, as they become Sanyasi- to wow Vairagya. they perform ritual of Shraadh as people do for their loved ones who die. so that the soul gets freedom from this vicious cycle of World-materialistic world-physical world. they get NIRVANA, Moksh from death and Birth. Which other human are destined to follow on this Mrityulok-Bhoolok.

thus this picture as I interpret is of that moment when it is hard to take decision to come out of worldly relations-homely relations-Emotions.

here beauty of door is not important but the its importance in life of a wanderer-a Monk-A sanyasi-Sadhu is highlighted, that makes this door(photo of door) more beautifull. isn’t it? what you say?