#Drukpa, #Buddhist #Nun #Ladakh; a social revolution in #Himalayas

Buddha & Buddhism has always attracted me, since school days we read about the prince Siddharth/ Gautam the son of King Suddhodhan. Thanx to Amar Chitra Katha books also, as I read many of those books (I don’t like to call them as comic? The word comic sounds to me as, similar to comedy? )

Thinking of Buddha two places come to mind The Pamir i.e. Tibet and Ladakh. It is strange that the prince who was born in Kapilwastu has become famous all over the world. In those days when ways of communication were none compared to present days of whatsUp or Whatsapp?

Watching the Documentary- The Quest of Buddha on DD Bharti was an eye opener.

t1A silent revolution taking shape under the leadership of HH Gyalwang Drukpa in Buddhist monastery of Ladakh.


Lama was the word with which I was very much familiar, since in school I had read about Lama dance, that is held in Monastery and performed by Lamas- the Buddhist Monks. Later in Doordarshan also I saw many programs on Lama and Buddhist traditions & Paintings etc of Ladakh.

But for the first time I saw anything on the gender issue among the Buddhist Monks. In the program the plight of Buddhist nuns was described and discussed. As to how these nuns were felt discriminated all through centuries. But now time has changed. At 4th Annual council of Drukpa many ground breaking things happened. First time in the history of centuries about 50 Buddhist nuns performed the dragon dance, till date that was performed by Lamas for centuries.

Druk means Dragon. I knew Druk as a symbol of purity, since I used to buy DRUK fruit Jam and mango chutney etc. I think that brand was from Sikkim?

Drukpa means those from the dragon lineage.


At the Naropa ceremony nuns participated equally with lama monks first time in centuries.

There was tradition of donating the sons to monastery so that son can become a monk. For the first time I came to know that among the Ladakh society tradition was of youngest girl of family can become a Buddhist nun.

As tradition goes a 3 km long walk is held to visit the holy site. This walk is lead by the head Monk.

Celebrations are held. Most amazing thing happened. The nuns performed Vajra Dance that was previously remained unknown. Means for centuries this dance was never performed in public by Nuns. Now as our India is marching ahead with time society is also changing and accommodating new things as far as possible. Shri Gyalwang Drukpa with his team is bringing many changes among the traditions in the monastery.

The girls who are in monastery are now learning many things of new world. Many girl nuns are attending schools that was not possible for centuries, as it happens everywhere, boys were given preference over girls. It happened in Buddhist society also.  Many girl nuns are learning Kung fu? A martial art. It is a physical exercise but also has elements of meditation and concentration. Girl Nuns in the documentary says that this is a physical exercise and can be called as external Yoga. This is very true I think.


Social revolution is happening as Nuns along with society gathered in Ladakh valley and planted 1.5 lakhs trees in one hour. As said in the documentary that it entered in Guinness world record.

Another revolution happened as Nuns started hiking and they gathered plastic waste on the treks of Himalayas at Ladakh. That indicates that now Nuns have started asserting that nuns are an integral part of society. These nuns are contributing towards bringing social consciousness for environmental protection.

i tried to search the documentary “The Quest of Buddha” on DD Bharati you tube but could not get the link. But i saw it on 17 March 2018 telecast in evening.

Live to Love is there moto