Abstract Art

IS there any thing called Abstract Art? often we have heard of Abstract Mathematics? Abstraction? what is abstraction? In Art too i find there is lot of confusion.

When some one talks about Yantra or tantric paintings then they laugh and try to ridicule it saying all these are superstitious, blind faith, hindu paintings. following are few such images. However, these yantra images are based on centuries old science-Jyotish, or so to say Astrology.


Now see few of modern day paintings. Painters claim they are the most creative painters.

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following two are inspired by Mural painting s of Kerala.




Each of above must have a story behind them, and only creator or painter can tell all those things whatever was in his mind at that time. I am also trying to interpret few of these in my words. on Twitter

now following is a Madhubani painting, this also has many symbols. but way of drawing is done by women, who have never attended any Art School. This Art as a tradition has passed down from one generation to another.

gettyimages-450781929-1024x1024karva-pic-l Often i have seen on many occasions, women of house draw or paint many such ritualistic paintings. I mean as a ritual they are painted and without these that pooja cannot be performed. On sevreal ocassions a story-legend is attached to such day of celebration. Karva Chauth, Har Chath and many more. It is sad that in India which has vast diversity of rituals traditions etc, we dont have a large database or documentation of folklores. ALongwith them all such rituals and paintings will also have to be documented. Few of our traditional arts have come to limelight, but many are vanishing. Those which have come to limelight got place in Dilli Haat, Surajkund mela, emporiums, and duplicate versions adorn large walls of either homes or galleries or govt buildings. Not much benefit to the original artists.

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This is warli painting done in villages of Maharashtra, bordering Gujarat, Rajasthan? It is said to be tribal art. but i hate using this word. Villagers i use. they paint walls using natural materials, rice paste, mud or Goru(color). that we find in our villages and it is mixed with Mud or cow dung to paint the Mud walls.

there are many surrealistic painters, few say they paint realism. But I love the work of respected Smt Anjoli Ela Menon ji. She has been multi medium artist, in times when such word never existed. When i did an appreciation course at NGMA New Delhi, there were few of her work. Later i read and saw many of her work-in news! yes. She had painted suitcase, chairs Doors etc.


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So it i snot good idea to praise painters of modern times. As you see there are many such things exists around us that we fail to appreciate. We need to be more observant.