Dance on TV

3-10-2013 at 11:30
Malati Shyam- The announcer on TV was saying and I was thinking about my guru who is currently teaching at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi in my mind space. But when the dance program started then I came to know that it was about Malati Shyam. Though age has started showing itself, But on screen the image was looking similar to my guru Prerna Srimali. I have seen unlimited programs of Malati Shyam in between 1983 to 2000. She alongwith the troupe of Pt Birju Maharaj had visited Kanpur many times. Then she was known as Malati Rawat.
When I saw the program on TV (means Doordarshan, as that time only DD was available to us, thus name stuck with our mental space) today The background was well decorated. When I found the name of Gangani missing from the accompanying artists something struck to the mind at that very moment. Actually one gangani (If I am correct Fateh gangani) was the permanent figure in the accompanying group with most of the teams of Maharaj ji. Or so to say the Kathak Kendra had him permanently.
Durga Arya, Aditi, Malati Rawat, Saswati Sen, Jaishree Acharya, Sharmistha etc to name few were always part of team of Maharaj Ji. And this team had many times performed in Kanpur.
At our IIT Kanpur campus also some of the team members had performed. One student of Kathak Kendra was Veronic Azan who had also performed at IIT Kanpur.
I had seen Smt Prerna Srimali at Merchant Chamber Hall, Kanpur. That time I had beard, it was impact of being an Unemployed person, with little or no resources with me.
I had touched her feet as was the tradition which I blindly followed. I saw her in person the year1986 or so, little did I knew that I would be her student in future. When I touched her feet at Merchant Chamber Hall, Kanpur, she exclaimed “what are you doing” knowing that a beard man touching her feet. She herself was a young artist. She had uttered the word “AAP”. It was due to my beard that she had addressed me with that word.
In future I got the chance to learn from her in the Gandharv Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi. Here also I was a failure, after two years I got a job in another city and I had to leave Delhi and I could not utilize that phase of my life. Like a Chaatak, I remained thirsty all my life.