#Drukpa, #Buddhist #Nun #Ladakh; a social revolution in #Himalayas

Buddha & Buddhism has always attracted me, since school days we read about the prince Siddharth/ Gautam the son of King Suddhodhan. Thanx to Amar Chitra Katha books also, as I read many of those books (I don’t like to call them as comic? The word comic sounds to me as, similar to comedy? )

Thinking of Buddha two places come to mind The Pamir i.e. Tibet and Ladakh. It is strange that the prince who was born in Kapilwastu has become famous all over the world. In those days when ways of communication were none compared to present days of whatsUp or Whatsapp?

Watching the Documentary- The Quest of Buddha on DD Bharti was an eye opener.

t1A silent revolution taking shape under the leadership of HH Gyalwang Drukpa in Buddhist monastery of Ladakh.


Lama was the word with which I was very much familiar, since in school I had read about Lama dance, that is held in Monastery and performed by Lamas- the Buddhist Monks. Later in Doordarshan also I saw many programs on Lama and Buddhist traditions & Paintings etc of Ladakh.

But for the first time I saw anything on the gender issue among the Buddhist Monks. In the program the plight of Buddhist nuns was described and discussed. As to how these nuns were felt discriminated all through centuries. But now time has changed. At 4th Annual council of Drukpa many ground breaking things happened. First time in the history of centuries about 50 Buddhist nuns performed the dragon dance, till date that was performed by Lamas for centuries.

Druk means Dragon. I knew Druk as a symbol of purity, since I used to buy DRUK fruit Jam and mango chutney etc. I think that brand was from Sikkim?

Drukpa means those from the dragon lineage.


At the Naropa ceremony nuns participated equally with lama monks first time in centuries.

There was tradition of donating the sons to monastery so that son can become a monk. For the first time I came to know that among the Ladakh society tradition was of youngest girl of family can become a Buddhist nun.

As tradition goes a 3 km long walk is held to visit the holy site. This walk is lead by the head Monk.

Celebrations are held. Most amazing thing happened. The nuns performed Vajra Dance that was previously remained unknown. Means for centuries this dance was never performed in public by Nuns. Now as our India is marching ahead with time society is also changing and accommodating new things as far as possible. Shri Gyalwang Drukpa with his team is bringing many changes among the traditions in the monastery.

The girls who are in monastery are now learning many things of new world. Many girl nuns are attending schools that was not possible for centuries, as it happens everywhere, boys were given preference over girls. It happened in Buddhist society also.  Many girl nuns are learning Kung fu? A martial art. It is a physical exercise but also has elements of meditation and concentration. Girl Nuns in the documentary says that this is a physical exercise and can be called as external Yoga. This is very true I think.


Social revolution is happening as Nuns along with society gathered in Ladakh valley and planted 1.5 lakhs trees in one hour. As said in the documentary that it entered in Guinness world record.

Another revolution happened as Nuns started hiking and they gathered plastic waste on the treks of Himalayas at Ladakh. That indicates that now Nuns have started asserting that nuns are an integral part of society. These nuns are contributing towards bringing social consciousness for environmental protection.

i tried to search the documentary “The Quest of Buddha” on DD Bharati you tube but could not get the link. But i saw it on 17 March 2018 telecast in evening.

Live to Love is there moto


Penetration of #Internet into #minds of #youngones- #Teens?

download (8)Penetration of Internet is a topic which everyone likes to debate. Now days parents remain tensed over internet access in their homes. Earlier, 30 years back topic of discussion used to be the time spent of watching Television. Every household and all over the print media it was discussed as to how much time children need to spend on watching TV, since so called social media as we know today was not existing.download (12)

On doordarshan few psychologists were called and they told how much time children should spent on TV. Topic of debate remains same when computer revolution happened. Be in office or in home, people had TV, Computer also for entertainment, Then after few years a boom of television happened, flood of TV channels started coming, with ZEE and metro channel on DD and few more. Also thanx to the Ekta Kapoor with BALA ji telefilms pvt ltd, they have started an industry now called as Television industry. Earlier we only knew as film industry. Television was untouchables for film actors. It was undoubtedly first STARTUP in television industry? She singlehandedly churned out so many television soaps? Why they call it soap serials? I don’t know? But with her (read their) creativity we now have huge numbers of female actors, Tulsi, Baa, Sakhsi- Kahani ghar ghar ki, Yeh mohabatein,  but it was ITIHAAS serial which I saw on Doordarshan. It was having a superb TV actor Joan david??

With the revolution in Cable TV it was possible to provide live coverage to maximum number of households, Even it became a issue of politics, In few states parties woes that if brought into power they will distribute televisions sets free of cost. Earlier we used to watch few Disney cartoons on Doordarshan. Since that was the only channel. Now with advent of cable TV there are umbrella of cartoon channels. More than 20 channels. They show all types of cartoon films. Few are of south East Asia. They several characters. Hagimaroo???? Etc etc. Earlier we knew only Donald duck. Tom and Jerry. Pluto. And that fox or wolf. Then there was Mogli of jungle book.  Now my son watches doremon sinchan ben10 popei sailor to name few. But they have different cultural background and with that they different morality ethics etc that does not matches with our Indian culture. Such contents pose danger.

Now in age of IT this social media and in particular the Internet is playing secretly with the minds of our young ones.

As per a survey of NSSO [NSS KI(71/25.2)] which I had read sometime back tells that highest number of households (with atleast one member of age 14 years and above) having access to the internet facility were found in Lakshadweep with 71.9% households. It was closely followed by Pudducherry with 61.6% households at second highest. Third highest was in A & N Islands with 59.3% households (593 per 1000).

In Kerala survey estimated that about 56.2% households had internet penetration. Here most important is the fact that household member age counted was of age 14 and above. But if internet facility is available in household then can we not imagine the access to the children less than 14 years of age?

Goa had 51.0% households with penetration of internet and accessible to 14 years of age.

In URBAN areas separately it was found in survey that Lakshadweep was on top with highest number (75.9%) of households having access to internet. Second highest was urban households of A & N Islands with 71.1% households having access to internet. Maharashtra was with third highest number of households (64.6%) in country with access to internet facility. Followed by Pudducherry at 63.7%, Kerala at 62.1%, Nagaland with 61.2%, Sikkim with 60.8% and Chandigarh with 60.2% households having access to internet in that order.

About 15 states/UTs were having more that 50% households with internet facility (these households were having at least one member of age 14 years and above)

In RURAL areas Pudducherry with 58.0% households having internet facility was the highest, Followed by rural Lakshadweep with 56.1% households having internet facility as second highest. Third highest number of households having internet facility was in Kerala with 51.3%, followed by Goa with 48.6% and Delhi with 42.9% households.

If all these figures indicates something then see this also given bellow:

Daman Diu had 58.0% males dropout from schools, Lakshadweep had 50.9%, Dadra Nagar Haveli had 46.9%, A & N Islands had 45.8% males dropped out of schooling system. Pudducherry (44.6%), Odisha (42.0%), Karnataka(42.3%) and Goa(43.5%).

However, there is few estimates from survey that tells the number of never attended schools? Daman Diu had 18.0%, Dadra Nagar Haveli had 11.8%, Uttar Pradesh had 11.4 and Bihar had 14.3% males who never attended schooling system.


In A & N Islands (as per 2011 census data)

  • 72.1% households possess mobile phones (81.2% in urban)
  • 68.5% households possessed Television (86.3% urban)
  • 83.6% households had telephone (94.4% urban)
  • 3.5% households had computers with internet (7% urban)



The 2011 Pew Internet survey reported that 95% of U.S. young adults between ages 12 through 17 are online, of whom, 80% have profiles on social media sites, as compared to only 64% of the online population aged 30 and older. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/suren-ramasubbu/teenagers-and-the-internet_b_7012050.html

while checking net i found this. I didnt know about it earlier. 

But problem now may be of dangerous proportion? we don’t have data to show as to how many kids age wise are having access to internet in India? in some sites it requires to submit that user is of 18 years or above. But when a kid of 14 years clicking it how do the site knows exact age?. few sites i have seen while creating a profile or signing up it requires some ID proof to be put up for verification?? there also we can have fake IDs?

but i don’t know whether parents can keep eye on their kids use of internet outside home? many students now days attend coaching classes and tuition etc. How we can monitor their behaviour ?? a big challenge? to keep up our family values, morality etc?

we hear on TV the crime cases under POSCO are on rise at a high pace?


57 years of Doordarshan- a journey DD

I knew it as Doordarshan but now it is known as DD. There are various channels of DD at present, DDNational, DDsports, DDNews, DDIndia and DDBharati.
It has been a journey of 57 years for doordarshan. I don’t know who coined this name for our National TV, but it was perfect choice for national TV.
Often we used to call it as Sanjay ka kaliyugi avatar. lat; dk dfy;qxh vorkjA
egkHkkjr esa lat; dh nwj n`’fV dk o.kZu vk;k gSA
@DD_National twitter handle of Doordarshan twitted these photographs


Then through the years we started liking DD. But also we hated it so much so that its name was coined as #dkoV ds fy, [ksn gS
In those days very often it so happened in almost all Sunday movies that this caption used to be shown in middle of scenes.
That time all of us used to curse the doordarshan. Sometimes when cricket match was telecasted and if this caption came, all of sudden students started crying loudly and started making sounds.

Luckily we carried over that period and passed on to a new chapter when there was news that a Metro channel is coming. It was for two hour special channel on Doordarshan. Then in 1982 the INSAT thing happened and we got a National Telecast in a real sense. Our late Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi ji asked the Capt. Rakesh Sharma when he was in the spacecraft above in the sky, that how does our India looks like? He without any hesitation replied that lkjs tgkaW ls vPNk Sare Jahan se Accha. To this reply Smt Indira Gandhi also laughed. All this happened in front of our eyes. Whole nation enjoyed. Asian, National games-Bhartiyam, CHOGM, NAM, SAARC all started happening on the screen in our houses. Nothing of that sort ever happened before. All this happened in COLORs, earlier all we saw was in black and white screen.

In my house TV came in 1982. There was this program on Immortal melodies Immortal stars. All old stalwarts came on screen, Rajkumari ji, Noorjahan came to India and sang vokt ns dgka gS rw nqfu;ka rsjh tokWa gS Great Naushad sahib conducted the song. As it seems, that time stood still.

Earlier when there was only one TV in whole colony, all children used to hang on to the window of that house. Those who were close to that family were lucky and saw the TV from inside of the room. But I was a weak child, I got the chance to hang in the window iron bars and sometimes I was not even given that opportunity also by the mighty boys of our colony.
Those were very bad times for me. I used to think why this TV is not in my house. But then how could we ask such questions to our papa ji? We did not have tape recorder, not even a camera? But yes we had a Radio. It was a big one named as PIE. It was from UK I think? My father was in Indian Navy. He was in the team which was sent to England to bring back the INS Vikrant to India. That time my father might have bought that PIE Radio, I think?
Later we used to walk for 1 km from type one in IIT Kanpur campus to type two to watch Sunday movie in house of Mathurs. I am gratefull to Mathur family. They did permit us to watch TV sitting in their drawing room. It was a great thing on their part in those days. Yes it was a great emotional thing. I had been scolded many times in some houses, as to not to touch those sofa covers. While watching TV, As it happened in ecstasy sometimes I forgot my poor existence and might have put my hand on sofa cover, and it got some wrinkles. That was enough to get a scolding from the lady of house. It was quite OK for me. It was not a big price to pay in lieu of watching that idiot box?? Isn’t it?
But time passed on From 1976 to 1982. But in this journey i came to know lot of great souls of India. Our Bharat Ratna a great soul, a Divine Singer Smt MSubbulakhsmi one such persona.

Even in 1982 many households did not own a TV. 
In villages, where i visited during summer and winter holidays (vacations) not many had even a Transistor. Few enthusiastic youths and few landlords had Transistors. They had nice colorfull covers, nicely woven by the ladies of households. The cricket match was the prime objective for transistors among young. News/Samachar and some film songs were the attraction for rich people. 
Later even rickshaw pullers also had transistors nicely tied on to their handles or specially designed hangers on cycle or rickshaws. In bus also i saw good arrangements were made to hang Transistors.
Even during the time of Reshma ji, she did not know much about Radio. After lots of reluctance she was allowed to sing on Radio.

But When in 1982 TV came to our house our sensibilities changed. Prior to that we were depending on Dharmayug, Hindustan,

Illustrated weekly, Kadambini, Navneet,  Sarita, chandamama, Amar chitra katha, parag, chandan or nandan? gudiya, for various needs of Knowledge, entertainment etc.
Later i also had Vama, Femina, Frontline, Reader Digest and few other magazines for my reading.

I used to read books of famous Shivani ji (Gaura Pant), Acharya Chatursen, Premchand, AmritLal Nagar etc.
Newspapers were also there- Hindustan Times, Times of India, Aajtak, Dainik Jagran.
we all grew up reading all this. But when this TV came all of sudden our world diminished and coiled into that idiot box. Why that was called as idiot Box?
Through Doordarshan really i got darshan of far off places. I got to see films in Malayalam, Tamil, KannadaGujarati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Manipuri, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Oriya,  i doubt whether there was any film in Kashmiri? back then. Till 1990 i kept watching doordarshan at my home.
i had seen Sagar Sangamam, Sindhu Bhairavi, Agni Nakshatram, But i liked the most was the film Sankarabharnam. 
Then there was my fav star a super star, most creative person i have ever seen after V Shantaram ji was NTR NT Rama Rao.

All of his films shown on Doordarhsan were superb. Daanveer Karna, where he wore most artistic Shoes and walking in the compound of palace of pandavas, when he placed foot on the floor, the camera NTR used there was most innovative. One has to see himself to appreciate that angle of camera? SitaRama Raju. where he played role of the fighter. Then there are many such films where NTR played role of Krishna, Vishnu etc. All films were artistically superb, Each Frame of his films were like paintings. Just like most of the films of V Shantaram were like a work of Painted canvas. He was a creator of art. I don’t remember how many films were shown on DD in Telugu, but most of them i saw were of NTR.
Then there was Tamil films, Shivaji Ganeshan, and MGR etc. The film in which Shivaji played a mythological? role where he was fighting with his own son. But he did not know that fact. later somewhere during fight or after that he was told that fact.
Then there was a film in which heroine was staying in her sister’s house and during absence of her sister she went to her bedroom. But in Night the hero came and unforgettable thing happened. Hero thought that lady was his wife.
Then in one film the heroine is a district collector and the hero is a simple govt employee. The films of Padmini, the gem of Travancore sisters. this dance sequence where i think MGR was there, and went to see the dance of heroine in disguise, as if nobody could see them. there were so many. few were shown of Vaijayantimala in Tamil also. Padmini played a dancer role.
There was this film in which i saw Jayaprada and sridevi together. (am i correct?)
The famous film in which Kamal Hassan worked with Jayaprada. He had some dance scenes.
Bombay i saw in Malayalam. But later it was also in Hindi.



With the journey of Doordarshan i came to know about many stalwarts and GEMs of India and Indian Music. The Gauhar Jaan was the star of her times. She was a Super star celebrity of her times compared to present times celebrity, she was more highly paid and commercially successful.
There were few good programs on our rich tradition of Music also. Smt Naina Devi ji was the permanent feature in many such programs on Doordarshan. There were many such vidushis. Like Sidheswari Devi, Girja Devi, Rasoolan Bai, Asgari Bai, later Begum Akhtar became the star attraction on Doordarshan. There was Savita Devi, Shobha Gurtu, Usha Uthup though apposite genre of music but both captivated audiences through their music, Doordarshan telecasted their programs.

RukminiDevi Arundale and dances choreographed by her came on Doordarshan.




MS & Radha ji



my fav NTRama Rao, in SitaRamRaju??

So Doordarshan was one medium through which i learnt about India from Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Leh, Gilgit, Kanyakumari, Kucth. Through Doordarshan i came to know about our rich heritage of Indian Music & Arts. Jammu to Kanyakumari. There was one program on DD i heard, few folk singer were singing some of their folk songs but it was said they sounded like hymns of Veda?

Program of Dance on Doordarshan

National Program of Dance- Doordarshan
I accidently switched on the TV it was national channel. Two ladies were dancing. The music was sounding like Hindustani. The attire of both the dancers was just replica of what dancers of Kathak Kendra or dancers at Delhi wear. They have popularized this dress all over the India.
Then suddenly I heard a song in somewhat sounding like Odissi language. Then after listening for few minutes it certainly sounded like Assamese. First there was a thumri in Hindi, then some portion sounded like verses of any gazal. Then I heard the famous thumri, on which late Pt Durgalal once performed on TV. This imaginative creation caught my attention. This is a good example how one can crate beautiful things. There was Thumri, there was abhinay. The dancer duo were looking sisters, as I guessed. But I was proved right when their names were flashed on the tv screen. Earlier in many programs I had never seen names flashed as they did in this program. Their names were Aligunjan and Chandrani Kalita. Names were very unusual to me.
The duo had selected the attire of Delhi Kathak. But they changed the fabric and color of dress,. This duo from Assam did choose some heavy designed fabrics and with heavy colors.
The background was very simple and minimalist. At first I thought they are dancing in some library kind of place. In background some almirah with glass panes were there. In between the design (painting) of pillars with very minimum engraving stood. The Lord Natraj were there standing at the last point of the floor. When dancers were dancing and trying to utilize the space then they reached at the last point of the stage, almost stepping on to the lord’s image. That means the space was less for their dance.
Choreography was also lacking synchronization/coordination at some points. I thought in my mind that this dance must have been choreographed by these dancers themselves and not by their guru- whoever guru was(I don’t know). Many steps lack imagination and looked very animated, As if not coming naturally.
While dancing for a tarana at Kamani Auditorium New Delhi for the annual function of Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi, my guru (Smt Prerna Srimali) told us that synchronization is very much important in a group performance. If two dancer take a chakkar on one side and the third takes it in different side or one more or one less then whole impact of the group gets lost. Same thing came to my mind when one dancer was missing some steps and trying to match with the other dancer on many steps. That looked many times awkward. I know since it has happened with me also many times on stage.
Then in last they danced on teen tal, but on TV screen the spelling was “Tin Tal Drut lay” Both danced quite well. Initially I was thinking that they belonged to the school of Khairagarh.
Do you know who is credited to have started this school. If I am correct, Kudau Singh has been credited for it. He was a Pakhawaj player. As I read somewhere that when he was jailed for some time, he practiced the pakhawaj playing on the pillars. And his strong fingers made dints in the pillars. That was the impact of strength and grit and determination, strict discipline of practice.

Art in changed India…

I have been watching TV Channels for many years now. Earlier I was quite happy with the Doordarshan (the Lucknow doordarshan from 1977 to 1982). Then 1982 happened and I saw the National Telecast in my home. In 1982 a TV came to my home. UPTRON TV. Black and White. But those were most happier times. I was able to see Chitrahaar, Films, Natak, Chaupal, Phool khile gulshan gulshan, the morning programme from Delhi on Sunday, Shri Pawan Duggal was the anchor then. On sunday Hindi films and in night any regional films used to be tele-casted. Or in the noon times also regional films were telecasted. Shobhana Jagdish, Smt Nirmala, etc then from Delhi Sadhana Srivastav, Smt Roy (She was almost like Meena Kumari ji), Sarla Maheswari, Sulma Sultan, Mr Soni, Mr Narang, Smt Komal GB SIngh, Tejinder Singh, Minu, USHA AlBERQUEQUE(I am sorry I dont remember the Spelling), Shobhana ji from Lucknow later went to Delhi also.
One interview I saw on TV in which Smt Bella Bose was interviewed by (If I am correct Smt Tabassum) or Smt Tun Tun (Real Name Uma Devi ji if I am correct, please correct me if i am wrong ). Then there was program by Smt Ila Arun on sunday evening 3 or 4 with lots of music and musti having folk flavour.
The New Central Production Centre of Doordarshan started and rolled out few programmes. National Program of Dance was one such program. Malvika Mitra was once featured.
In black and white TV I could see the colorfull performances of Smt Mrinalini Sarabhai- Chandalika, then There was choreographed piece by Smt Rukmani Arundale, Gopi Krishan was shown by Lucknow doordarshan, Smt Sunaina Hazarilal, Smt Damyanti Joshi I saw in black n white TV.
Later with the advent of color TV in market but at our home was content with Black and white for some time more. (it was costly affairs then)
Later Yamini Krishnamoorty, Smt Sonal Mansigh, Sanjyukta Panigrahi, Uma Sharma, Raja Radha Reddy, Padma Subramaniam, alongwith Madhavi Mudgal, Swapna Sundari, Alarmel Velli, Malvika Surrukai, Mallika Sarabhai, came on TV in our house.
It was due to TV we could see GURU Kelucharan Mahapatra, Pt Durga Lal, Sitara Devi, Birju Maharaj, Rohini Bhate, Smt Lele, Leela Samson, Sucheta Chapekar, Guru Singhajit Singh (Manipuri). The Doordarshan and its DD Bharati is now airing the dance and music programs.

Now there are so many TV Channels that it is impossible to have a count on the numbers of channels in country. But sad part is that how many of them are promoting Arts and culture? Is Art and Culture in India is so bad or not economically viable so that TV channel can not promote it. Strange it may be that in a country where we boast of a Rich and glorious Heritage of arts and culture. but TV channels cannot promote it?

However few news channels did show the news item when great ZOHRA Sehgal passed away. But how many show Smt Teejan Bai?? She is the one of great artists we have.  She is the most energetic personality. Once she steps on stage, immediately the character takes over be it Bheesma, Bheema or Arjun of Mahabharat. The most pleasant thing was the voice of the accompanying artists who usually says “achcha”. Her voice quality is also rich.

Due to TV only we could see the Kalavantalu, i mean the real ladies from Andhra Pradesh who have conserved the art of dancing in rural Andhra Pradesh, credit goes to Smt Swapna Sundari, who has researched it. I hav forgot the name of one kalavantalu with whom Swapna Sundari was studying.

Now days i dont find coverage of culture in Tv. There are infinite number of Tv channels. But not much attention is givien to our arts. No channel promote these activities, besides only promoting realty shows etc. that tells arts are not economical viable option.

There are so many institutions in India, teaching arts, Music and dance. Every year lot of students pass out. But what market is available to them? how they get employment?

Only ICCR or such related centres established abroad employ these artists. I had seen many Kathak dancers passing out of Kathak Kendra have got jobs in variuos countries in the centres either promoted by ICCR or such organisation/ambessay etc.

Or few students get jobs in Government colleges, and teach there till retirement. What is their contribution? no body seems to evalute? Why to? Since in all other govt sectors there is no mechanism of evaluation, why to imply in arts?

crores of schools, colleges, univesities are there. Why the standard of education is low in govt schools? Not all but in most of schools the condition is same.

Coming back to TV, where is the TV channel where dancers artists can come and perform. Where is the audience? Is the audiance is ready or want to listen to artists on Tv channels?

Food for thought- Take home a cook

Food for thoughts!!  its a common saying that your thoughts are influenced by what you eat.
I am fond of food, so do every one else?  But i am not fond of the eating part rather I am more interested in cooking process. I am addicted to the emotions when they love and appreciate my cooking.
Earlier on Doordarshan, rarely we used to get to see any program on cooking. But after 1982,  the format changed at DD. With advent of Sunday morning shows and Aaj savere aaj subah and also channel became plural in numbers.
Few celebs used to come on TV to demonstrate their favorite, I remember when Smt Uma Gajpati Raju presented a cookery show there were Siddhartha Kak, Sanjeev Kapoor, then there were flood of cookery shows.
after 1982 Then there was a gift from skies. That came and invaded our homes in form of Discovery channel, Star, Zee etc many more. Few programs I could see belonged to the Tamil, Kerala, Kannad and Marathi channel. I liked the show on the Tamil channel. In one such program a Grand lady used to cook and then she did most precious thing, she used to sing Tamil traditional songs. She has got the real talent- bhumiputri- means the daughter of the mother earth. I could not understand a single word of those songs but since I love music, so as it is said  music do not know any boundaries or barriers. So the beats, LAYKARI, the rhythm the sound “swaras”, the voice coming out of Heart reached me. In another show one man, who very often cooks in earthen pots. I love the stage design, the cooking in mud pots, the simple way he describes each thing- here too my drawback of not knowing the Tamil does not deter me from listening and watching that show.
Few other programs I saw. One program in Kannad or malyalam was very different. In that show they tell the medicinal property of the herbs. Many times I watched show on BANGLA, either the star Bangla, or the doordarshan in bangla. there also I got to know many dishes.
Since the advent of the TLC, Discovery I am glued to it. Whenever I get time I just switch to TLC.
Earlier there were Nigella lawson?, Kylie Kwong, Floyd, Anthony Bourdoin (if the name I spelled correctly), then there was program named FOOD BAZAAR- the Feast.
Most famous Smt Madhur Jaffery is also there. Sanjeev kapoor doesn’t come on TLC? Few episodes I saw of Padma lakshmi. There was Rhode’s scholars. Now I am also familiar with Dr Sikha!!!. Two years back I was on the top of clouds, when I saw the “Take cook to home” Curtis stone- Most handsome and sexiest cook ever came on my television.
Many days I tried to workout how I can work like him!!!. When I went o Lucknow I thought will this type of profession work or viable in Lucknow? I am nobody in Lucknow so who will let me enter their homes. Then immediately I got answer to stop horses of my brain. But I must tell the hangover of Curtis is still there I am not able to come out of it. He always remains behind my head. After that many more came on TLC but no one matched that class!!. There was one who I think was drink maker in some hotel, now tried  a cook show-as I could make out by watching him. Few things he told were very good. His show is so so. In this year few more came on the air (Sky) but same actually by looking at them I got pain in eye as I felt I have to make efforts to keep my eyes on him. Since they always dance or move their bodies while doing everything from chopping the fish or onion, or pouring the oil, and keeping tray in oven always their bodies moving in some fashion which I find irritating- means their body language is not correct. They need to work hard but Sky has no limits!! I cannot criticize the people on TLC. I don’t find their program attractive- They are FUNKY type or so to say since I belong to old fashioned age, it was like when in 70s or early 80s the hippies were defined. Then, there is another very handsome program of James martin( read the person not program). To me he is very good looking too.  but what I found is that he is most innovative of kind. When he made mango ice-cream or something the way he plans all his ingredients and process and when the last products comes out on screen my eyes lit up in wonder!.  how come he is able to decorate so innovatively?.(which,  I never could have imagined).
Bizare food is always bizarre!
The most innovative and most refreshing show is the FOOD SAFARI on Channel FOX TRAVELLOR. Maeve O’Meara @MaeveFoodSafari The concept is full of research and planning. Lots of things packed in a short time capsule And mostly everything available in Australia. By Kismet production. This programme is so nicely edited and presented that you don’t need any coffee table book to know the food of a particular region. I think this program is also most suited for the mobile APPlications. Where in , through the mobile one can know about food of a region. The cooking session are shot in a very friendly way/ambient. And most importantly the involvement is evident. That is most essential for nice cooking. Unlike- If I may say so’ not like Floyd’s idea. Where the presenter is always looks somewhat detached from the nice things of cooking. Sometime the cook does the things in haste. Sometimes  I feel the program is full of the aristocratic lookout of India, for them it is still like a COLONY. I mean the programme format is of like of colonial era. But I like the way Madhur does the things. No aristocracy, no sophistication just everything raw, everything is dropped in the pan in very simple way. Most naturally and not in a decorative way. As is happens in james show, every now and then I see the towel cleaning on the kitchen table etc. And other thing which I found in programmes of west is that when they taste something they use the last finger of right hand. But I think if I would ask anybody from India Mostly I would find them using the first finger for tasting anything or they would use the spoon.
In Floyd show the cook while feeling hotness of the furnace or the stove still enjoys a sip of his drinks! How? In James show everything is kept on that circular wooden piece on that the cutting/chopping is done, on same the bread or some other vegetables are also kept or the pots or utensils are kept. Some thing on my back of head thinks that it is not hygienic, But the towel cleaning is edited I think which is evident in other of his show. Jokes apart these shows are good enough to watch.
These days some shows are becoming trap of pluralism! Since the quality, the content is being diluted.
In India now we have got a new dedicated channel on food. Nobody could have imagined this type of thing 30 years back. Everybody was looking down upon these creative fields. Be it performing arts or the hotel/house keeping or the chef. Now Indian Television even had Master Chef program, though there had been a program on Master chef in Australia. Through the star world channel one can know from where the Indian television is inventing its programmes. Be it  Idol, talent search, quizzes, KBC, even cookery shows are being localized. But never mind “der aye durast aye” Now platter is full for Indian Audiences.
Food is also the most basic things human or any living being needs. Since child age every human get acquainted with the food and fooding with the help of their mother or family. First the mother, then family after that neighbourhood, then school, then the region affects the fooding habits in that order. Then off course now-days people get trapped in their surrounding fad. There are so many fad now-days which comes through the beaming of Media. Now-days people from small semi urban or rural areas are becoming addicted to the noodles, chowmein, now they now the Italian pasta, spaghetti etc.
When I attend any marriage or social functions in the area near Kanpur, Lucknow, Unnao, Hardoi I find that people keep stalls of such things, like chowmein, pasta, cheese salads, sprouts salad, veg or chicken rolls-(which in my 40 years of life never had been anywhere in these places)