kamal in andaman

Andaman group of islands are just like a lotus in the andman sea. Post tsunami something have changed its location. For few it has become a most sougth place to visit and for some most fearfull place. Though it had been “kalapani” the black water for many for ages. However for unknown it has become most known place in the map of asia. However now the place is returning to normalcy. people have to keep up the struggle for existance.
Life in these islands had never been easy and not going further to be easy in future also.
People themselves have to stand up and do something more sustainable so that future for temsleves become safer.
They can take inpiration from the sumatra where recently the international conference was held despite of the tremors.
few things are required to be thought of for development of these islands. the sea water transport and the air transport which are the life line of these islands are to be develpoed.
At a time there must be four to five helicopters. Two big copters for transportation of goods for inter islands distribution of commodities and in urgency for disaster situations. 20 ships or boats for transport via sea.
The HOVER CRAFT (or amphibian if we may say so) type are the best for these islands they are best suited for the coast gaurd and also they ar ehelpfull vis a vis coastal make up of these islands.
Four HIGH SPEED ship/boats for mainland connectivity are necessary for the common people to go for mainland- which they do – when they are compelled to do by their ailments- when in last stages.
For middle class more private airlines should be allowed to land here with competetive apex fares. Specially from March to July number or frequency of fligths should be increased. so that large chunk of population from the Andaman and mainland as well can transmute.

This part of world has been cut off for centuries all together, until the invasion of “Elite forces” the British. Since then there has been continous onslaugth in these virgin islands. Few have been completely reshaped. And more recently Tsunami has reshaped few of the islands.

Great Andamanese tribe original inhabitants of Andamans have been completely washed out and now remaining 49 are confined to a small islands where they have been rehabilitated to conserve the TRIBE, after being uprooted.

Setlers in large numbers are now residing in these islands. Now they have all been catgoriesed as pre42, local born, pre 78, 10 years categories etc. But Truth is that all of them are not original inhabitants of these islands.

Tourism and fisheries are the two main sectors which can be helped to develop these islands as thrust areas.
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