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जनौषधि केंद्र Janaushadhi kendra

New India is now marching ahead with जनौषधि केंद्र Janaushadhi kendra under PMBJP!

I was standing at a medicine shop in a market at Mandhana on Kanpur Bithoor road, it’s on GT road. A very busy road. Earlier Mandhana was known as a village, there was on railway junction also. But after my marriage as my in-law’s house is in Mandhana, i dare not refer it to as a village! Anytime by slip of tongue village word comes out, a mahabharat follows. Every year, when i am visiting my-in-law’s place i have to have take medicine for stomach upset! thus when i was buying medicine, a man, visibly poor came and asked for medicine for his child, who is suffering from diarrhea. shop keeper gave him some medicine. i noticed one was loperamide tablet. i then asked shop keeper that why you are giving this? child may be having infection? Shopkeeper asked me Are you a Doctor?

i said no, but i did say that this tablet will not treat the infection. give him some lacto-bacillus and antibiotic so that his child get treated.

But thing is people dont have access to public/govt health care facilities as govt facilities are available at far distance from Mandhana. There was one i think ayurvedic centre in Ramnagar village. but not many visit, from outside village. In months of May June, when summer is on highest peak people cant travel far in scorching sun. I too was unable to go to city. Thus such poor people get caught in this type of web. they have to depend on private doctors and buy medicines from pvt shops. they are given many drugs which are costly. Shop keeper never give them generic medicines. One Doctor Shri Yashpal in Mandhana i have heard gives few medicines to poor people free of cost. Not all the times.

In one episode of Satyamev Jayate there was discussion on this generic medicine. one person told that his maid servant child cold not get cheap medicine costing only 3 or 4 rupees. no one prescribed those generic medicine, neither medicine shop provided to save life of that child suffering from Diarrhea.

Many times i dont get medicine as prescribed by doctor in GB Pant hospital. Thus I am forced to buy from market. some times for days medicines are not available in govt hospital, on asking pharmacist says medicine is not available. In last 20 years i have never claimed reimbursement for incurring on medical related expenditure, as it is available to Govt servant. But i feel it sometimes irritating also, going to windows/desk of babus-pharmacist/doctors for various certifications etc? I could afford to buy medicine from my salary, whatever small they costed me. But I dont know if amount is too high then what i will do.

But when one day i went to GB Pant Hospital on right side of gate there was a new shop type of thing- it was newly inaugurated जनौषधि केंद्र Janaushadhi kendra. I dont know if those medicines which are not available in hospital will be available in this Aushadhi kendra? If available then why they are not available in Hospital?

however, it is good initiative of govt to provide such medicine shops. I think it is private-public partnership kind of thing?



few lines taken from website medi plus?

Do not give loperamide to children under 12 years old unless their doctor has prescribed it.  Loperamide should not be given to a child younger than 2 years of age

Loperamide usually starts to work within 1 hour to make your diarrhoea better.

nonprescription (over-the-counter) loperamide is used to control acute diarrhea (loose stools that come on suddenly and usually lasts less than 2 weeks), including travelers’ diarrhea. Prescription loperamide is also used to control acute diarrhea and also ongoing diarrhea associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD; condition in which the lining of all or part of the intestine is swollen, irritated, or has sores). Prescription loperamide is also used to reduce the amount of fluid in people with ileostomies (surgery to create an opening for waste to leave the body through the abdomen). Loperamide is in a class of medications called antidiarrheal agents. It works by decreasing the flow of fluids and electrolytes into the bowel and by slowing down the movement of the bowel to decrease the number of bowel movements

Kaliya Dahan


क्षीर सागर Kshirsagar or Ksheer Sagar as every one knows is abode of Lord Vishnu, one of the Trinity- Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. See again he rests on the शेषनाग Sheshnaag. Who is thousand hooded serpent.

Sheshnaag was son of Sage Kashyap & his wife Kadru. कद्रू, She was daughter of Prajapati Daksh प्रजापति दक्ष.

He was eldest son of Kadru & Kashyap. But he was not interested in materialistic world & depressed due to the humiliation of her mother in hands of step mother & cousins. Thus he left this materialistic life, instead choosen bhakti.

bikaner 1694

what this painting on left depicts? may be Vishnu in कूर्मा Kurma avatar and saving the Prithvi-knowledge from drowning in  ocean.

it is also said that prithvi-Earth rests on the hood of Sheshnag. Slightest of tilting may lead to destruction!

Thus LIFE-DUTY Kartavya Dharma of Sheshnag is not easy.

He has to bear the Earth so that Earth remains stable.


I had earlier written a blog on Govardhan pooja

So many centuries has gone but this legend still lives on. Through generation to generations it is passed on till date. So many invaders came to India-Bharat Varsh, they tried to destroy our traditions, later few of them ruled here, forcibly or else converted many into their religion. Still our traditions-legend are alive!

What is harm in keeping our traditions alive? until and unless they don’t harm anyone else- Outsiders, then what’s worry? Why to worry? Let them believe in their legend and let us keep ours- But don’t deny our legend as Myth- Shri Ram is there and he will live forever in India as Maryada Purushottam Raja Ram.

What’s harm in thinking in different way?

Was Krishna started questioning the established authorities-establishment? Where he proposed pooja of a Mountain Govardhan instead of Lord Rain-Indra? thus angered all in system. He became popular among commons, villagers and those who never had their own voices? he fought or voiced against established norms?

There is an episode where Kansa and his army send an Elephant to kill Krishna and Balaram. Quite possible Elephant was not quite healthy state of mind. thus he behaved in horrible manner. Krishna lived and grew up among village-jungle playing with wild animals. He knew tricks, So when Elephant marched ahead as ordered by his Mahaout, Krishna might have signaled something to Elephant and it calmed down. Krishna lived among wild animals too. so he knew how to communicate with them.  I can dream whatever I want, so do others-my criticizers!

 f053ea81312601442bdea2cea3d39273 (1)9d47dc0e9a14997bc84a8c7560b929d5


Krishna also spearheaded for voice of women in society! Yes I Believe so. When he over powered Kaliya Serpent and ordered him to go away, instead of killing him. It was due to the prayer of ladies-female serpents. Later when Krishna came to Mathura, as a protocol a female was sent to attend him. She was Kubja- presumably a women with a bent in her back and not so good looking. This might have been an act to insult Krishna. But Krishna since lived among villagers knew how to treat even common man or women. So he welcomed her and conversed with her politely-respectfully. Thus he gave her a respectful status-among the prying eyes! so She was uplifted as a woman of status, since Krishna accepted to be attended by her. That the other party(Kansa) was not hoping. Later Society in Mathura too saw-treated Kubja with respect.



this is patta chitra from Odisha. so much detailing is done. As we know Kalinga pradesh was cut off for centuries. why i am saying is that even powerfull Maurya-or Magadh rulers were not able to capture Kalinga. As it is learnt that Ashok when came to power he razed a war against Kaling. It was bloodiest war. In end even Ashok-a ruler had given up taking weapons all together! thus in those part also this legend lived on. Jagnnath puri the famous temple is there since many centuries. And legend of Krishna thrived there.

or-s02l  71VRGAa0wGL._SY550_


We all know about Chola- Raja Rajendra  & Krishna devraya.

If young generation dont know much about Vijayanagar, Hampi, Tanjore etc then it’s fault of our Government and Elders. As many legends we heard from our elders in family. Thus i should also pass it on to younger generation in my family. Chola dynasty is famous for creating grand magnificent Bronze sculptures. Depiction of Krishna & Kaliya Mardan is in Bronze sculpture too. Many kilometers far away from Mathura. Even ruled by separate kings. Then how come legend of Krishna-Kaliya mardan lived in Tanjore, Kaling & Mathura? Spread?



There are various versions of Bronze statues. Later artists tried to copy them. But over all Krishna legend still alive in our Bharat.


Doors Of India #DoorsOfIndia

door1Few Doors are beyond worldly(also wordy)  explanations. Such as this Hoyasala Dynasty (Karnatak) created beautifull gateway of temple-Abode of God. On both side Vijay? dwarpal keeps an eye? always they remain on Gaurd. But in this photo i wish to point out that even God-Lord lives here, his gate-Door of abode has no Life without these lovely colourfull followers-seekers. Thus we as seekers make this Door more beautifull- i will write in favour of women. Our Women folk, if they enter this Door, its importance is more, women of houses seldom get time to visit abode of Almighty, as they are constantly and continuously engaged in household chores. performing duty-catering needs of all family members-Husbands, relative, Children and keep their house neat and clean. Mother is first teacher-thus she has responsibility to groom her children into good citizens. Therefore, if any women-Mother enters abode of God -the temple through this Door, God feels extremely gratefull to mothers. It is He who welcomes such guest.

Doors Of India #DoorsOfIndia


For some Doors become matter of forgotten past. Once they decide to leave home, they have to take decision of coming out of door. Once they come out Doors do not exist for them, as they become Sanyasi- to wow Vairagya. they perform ritual of Shraadh as people do for their loved ones who die. so that the soul gets freedom from this vicious cycle of World-materialistic world-physical world. they get NIRVANA, Moksh from death and Birth. Which other human are destined to follow on this Mrityulok-Bhoolok.

thus this picture as I interpret is of that moment when it is hard to take decision to come out of worldly relations-homely relations-Emotions.

here beauty of door is not important but the its importance in life of a wanderer-a Monk-A sanyasi-Sadhu is highlighted, that makes this door(photo of door) more beautifull. isn’t it? what you say?

Abstract Art

IS there any thing called Abstract Art? often we have heard of Abstract Mathematics? Abstraction? what is abstraction? In Art too i find there is lot of confusion.

When some one talks about Yantra or tantric paintings then they laugh and try to ridicule it saying all these are superstitious, blind faith, hindu paintings. following are few such images. However, these yantra images are based on centuries old science-Jyotish, or so to say Astrology.


Now see few of modern day paintings. Painters claim they are the most creative painters.

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following two are inspired by Mural painting s of Kerala.




Each of above must have a story behind them, and only creator or painter can tell all those things whatever was in his mind at that time. I am also trying to interpret few of these in my words. on Twitter

now following is a Madhubani painting, this also has many symbols. but way of drawing is done by women, who have never attended any Art School. This Art as a tradition has passed down from one generation to another.

gettyimages-450781929-1024x1024karva-pic-l Often i have seen on many occasions, women of house draw or paint many such ritualistic paintings. I mean as a ritual they are painted and without these that pooja cannot be performed. On sevreal ocassions a story-legend is attached to such day of celebration. Karva Chauth, Har Chath and many more. It is sad that in India which has vast diversity of rituals traditions etc, we dont have a large database or documentation of folklores. ALongwith them all such rituals and paintings will also have to be documented. Few of our traditional arts have come to limelight, but many are vanishing. Those which have come to limelight got place in Dilli Haat, Surajkund mela, emporiums, and duplicate versions adorn large walls of either homes or galleries or govt buildings. Not much benefit to the original artists.

 83745327efc8239c01faca69a9ad502b oftb652eb0d84c164f751469a4e6d709ad471Y7E8dQn5L._SX425_

This is warli painting done in villages of Maharashtra, bordering Gujarat, Rajasthan? It is said to be tribal art. but i hate using this word. Villagers i use. they paint walls using natural materials, rice paste, mud or Goru(color). that we find in our villages and it is mixed with Mud or cow dung to paint the Mud walls.

there are many surrealistic painters, few say they paint realism. But I love the work of respected Smt Anjoli Ela Menon ji. She has been multi medium artist, in times when such word never existed. When i did an appreciation course at NGMA New Delhi, there were few of her work. Later i read and saw many of her work-in news! yes. She had painted suitcase, chairs Doors etc.


Im-still-flying4Artisera_Anjali-elah-Menon-Chair_1_large a9b2a4513eb63e378aa35fae3603d9eaweve-given-up-artist-anjolie-ela-menon-on-stopping-fakes.jpg

So it i snot good idea to praise painters of modern times. As you see there are many such things exists around us that we fail to appreciate. We need to be more observant.