#EVM machine of #ElectionCommission never falter?

I am shocked at allegation of #EVM #hacking? #ElectionCommission of India has made elaborate guidelines to b followed during #election. If Strictly adhered, not a single mistake can crept in? It’s a multilayered checks-checkpoints.


Most simple is that at #PollingStation or Booth at first a #Mock Poll is conducted in presence of candidates or their polling agents-duly appointed by candidates-party. Mock poll confirms that EVM machine functions correctly. If one polling agent of a candidate pressed button two times & similarly all polling agents cast their mock vote. In end just to show the result Presiding officer demonstrate that how many votes are recorded in EVM. If any discrepancy is found, polling agents can demand another Mock Poll or register complains or another machine EVM can be setup for the purpose. hqdefault (2)All this happens within polling station and before polling starts on that day. Later, if all ok, means everyone agrees that EVM is working properly then, following a procedure EVM is sealed. There is a paper seal given to each polling party, it has serial number on it. These numbers are already registered somewhere. While fixing this paper seal in the EVM all poling agents can put their signature, if they desire. They ought to note that serial number with them. Two or three places the thread/lac seal is still fixed, along with a tag, Containing all details of polling station number, signature etc, as the case may be.

Prior to distribution of EVM to each polling party(a team of govt servants) proper records are maintained at the distribution centre. After election/poling is over earlier their were certain types of returns are to be filled up and kept under sealed cover. These have all details of paper seal-serial numbers, EVM number, total number of voters for that polling booth, number of votes casted, recorded in machine, Gender-wise voters. Again after voting at each poling station the EVM is sealed again properly, along-with tag, with details. Finally when door of EVM is closed and properly sealed, no one can enter VOTE. I mean without breaking so many tags, seals then only the crucial button can be accessed. But then each and every destruction can be noticed. In event of any problem, Presiding/polling officer can trigger a button, if any untoward things happens at polling station, after that no vote can be casted in that EVM. Earlier we have seen many of such news items on TV when BOOTH CAPTURING were reported. In those incidents BALLET PAPER were managed, bogus voting was done. In our remote villages/rural areas, such incidents happened but no one could dare to report these incidents, fearing backlash from DABANG, DON, MAFIA, LAND LORDS and POLITICAL GOONs of those areas. But now many cases are reported as Proper Security forces are deployed at polling station. Even VIDEO recording are done in areas, Election Commission so as to avoid such or any incident. Based on Video footage Election Commission, inquire and take necessary action too. Now days Opposition and all candidates are so well aware of these VIDEOGRAPHY by Election Commission, even they get a chance to register complain along-with these videos done by Election Commission.

Even New MEDIA is so well equipped that they also cover Elections, via Direct Telecast Voting process. Video reporting or so called LIVE REPORTING. Each and Every step/Action by candidates is recorded by MEDIA, and even People(common people- not leaving out supporters too) they are well equipped by the Technology. Video Mobile Phones, and Hidden Cameras. Now days we see lots of STING OPERATIONS by News Channels. They immediately highlight if any illegal incident happens. We are now used to see BREAKING NEWS.

At the COUNTING centres, counting agents are appointed by each candidate/party. At a designated counting centres all such representatives of contesting candidates enter and take their place at designated TABLE. First EVM is brought to counting table. Then its details are shown or told to all those present. If any discrepancy arises/noted, immediately these agents make hue and cry. If no then counting progresses.

On the table where Postal Ballets are counted, all contesting candidates are seated in front of it, or their representative. One for each candidate can sit and see the proceeding from that table. Postal Ballet packets are opened and counted in front of candidates. Thus at each and every step Election Commission guidelines are very clear about taking steps for total TRANSPERACY in entire poling/Voting process.

When I was Returning Officer for one election in Municipal, for few days there was no times for any laziness. I used to survey all polling stations so as to see the conditions, whether electricity, water and sanitation facility is properly available. I have written few of such shortcomings to the main election managers. I talked to people, such principals, head or in-charges of those govt buildings in which all poling stations were earmarked. One of my intention was to see how palling party comprising of govt workers are going to rest in those polling stations. They ought to have proper facility. I had even discussed in few offices that kindly let open that room so that they can take rest in night-instead of getting bitten by Mosquitoes and without fan? In summers? To these on my discussion few govt officers might have laughed at me? But I don’t care. I had to do my job seriously as a RETURNING OFFICER. During election times all such govt functionaries are considered working on LOAN with ELECTION COMMISSION.

From start at the main election cell of any state or district or Taluk/Tehsil, work starts with regular interaction with political parties and contesting candidates.

They are given various instructions. They are told about process of EVM, all political parties, candidates are shown functioning of EVMs at various stages. Even when at the main centre, prior to distribution when al Returning officers and teams are called to check and prepare EVM and polling materials that time we were also instructed to invite all contesting candidates to the Main centre. At such occasions they inspect and witness all process along with our teams- Actually they participate in all such activities- It’s called actual People’s participation. Many meetings are conducted along-with political parties/contesting candidates and all media persons too. Every action happens in full media galore!

Recently held state assembly elections such as MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh etc News on TV channels shown that political party’s people gheraoed the strong room and kept overnight vigil there, so as to see/monitor movements of EVM?

At slightest controversy Election Commission immediately takes action. Even recommends transfers of IAS, IPS etc officers.

EVM cannot be hacked? As each poling station/booth has different population of VOTERS. On the poling day EVM cannot predict as to how many VOTESR will cast their votes. How many votes will be registered in EVM. Today heard on one TV channel that one secretary of Maharashtra, Congress party told that someone telephoned him asking money in exchange of hacking EVM? He said that that person said 2 days before he can tell that by how much margin they are going to win?

These statements are crucial. As who is that someone? His number may be available with Mr Pakash/Prasad? Such things are very serious nature, and he cannot say that he ignored the number and did not notice(recorded) that number? He did not talk to anyone else in his party? He didn’t talk/report it to his party president?

And another point is that no one can predict as to how many votes are casted in EVM? If after poling happens, EVM machines are brought to strong room and locked then no one can open that strong room. Now days even Keys are kept under proper watch. I experienced a new thing. When strong roelectronic-voting-machine_7cfd3608-d105-11e7-ac2e-6fc61cbabe91om was locked. Few people properly wrapped the lock and latch with cloth and then lac seal is affixed. So that even if someone tries to open then it can come to light?  Moreover in 2014-15 proper Video recording was done when I was locking the lock and door of strong room. In that strong groom EVMs of two RO-Returning Officers were kept together. So other person was also supposed to put the lock. He said it is ok with me that Mishra ji locks and keep keys with him. I said NO. If so much FANFARE is done, all Videography was done, if I am a celebrity? Then he ought to have his own key and lock? So that next day when strong room is opened he brings his own keys? Instead of blaming me for, if anything happened?india-vote-election-politics-counting_359d453a-19c9-11e7-aa2a-1591876ff7cf

Thus two keys and two locks were put on door of STRONG ROOM and on counting day both Returning officers had to open their locks. He came late so I had to keep waiting for some time for his to arrive and open with his set of keys. All these things are Videographed.

Even when the last day when withdrawing names was allowed, and result of acceptance of candidature was supposed to be announced, a team came and did Video recording of all proceeding in my room??? What I said and what all candidates said? My god that time I also felt STRESS!!

We are also Human beings so it is natural certain shortcomings do happen once a while. But blaming whole process is wrong.

Now this VVPAT happens. Each VOTER can see/check/Recheck as to his vote was correctly recorded or not? A print out of a slip comes out of EVM with name/symbol of candidate to which votes is casted.

In media there was a news item about malfunctioning of EVM. When the Election Officer-IAS- randomly checked VVPT then media shown that printout was wrong. It can never happen. There is a panel on front of EVM where list of candidates is fixed along with their SYMBOL. Accordingly the button functions. But if while printing that list of fixing that list on EVM is done with mistake then, such kind of malfunctioning can crop up. But when officials check functioning of EVM months before the Elections that time itself such problems are sorted out. It may be mistake of persons and not of EVM


#Dharmakshetra on #epic

Why our Indian society is tolerant? For some time now there is lot of buzz around the word Intolerance! English media also lapped the idea of impertinence around this word. Majority of Indian people are tolerant. Most of people are Hindu? If I write this then many will object? without knowing our history. Our land is land of spirituality. Outsiders gave a name to our dharm, as Hindu. Many debate that since there was a river Indus and hence people living across it were named as Indian(of India or may be Indica?)? The river was also called as Sindhu. Thus Sindhu became Hindu and land is called as Hindustan? Or the place where hindu people live is called as Hindustan? Now so called pseudo-secular Historian can produce any historical fact that how the name Hindu is given? Who wrote Hindu for the first time? in any Vedic or Post-Vedic literature? Now days I have read that linguistics are also doing lots of research through literature to find out the period of time in history, as to when such thing was written? Many years back i had read in some of Bhavan’s journals about our late Shankaracharya-Swamigal of Kanchi Math/peeth saying that we are thankfull to those who gave our religion a name-Hindu.

One program aired on EPIC TV channel titled as Dhramshetra. It has many good concept. Characters of Mahabharat were summoned in the court at heaven where as our myth says chitragupta keeps records of our Karma-deeds done on Earth. All episodes are full of various interesting questions and answers of these characters. Kunti, Karna, Draupadi, Duryodhan etc.

maxresdefault (8)

Program is such that through this various types of questions/allegations are leveled on each of these characters-paatra. Whatever comes to mind of our common man. Such questions are not written anywhere nor in Mahabharat. But writers of this program take liberty to question and also write their answers too. Either to justify those acts done(as described in Mahabharat) or to question that what ought to be done?

episodes are there where Draupadi accuses her mother in law Kunti of wrong doing, knowing something. Kunti then asks few questions and story goes on.


Similarly Karna accuses Kunti of wrong doing towards him. Disowing him as her son, even knowing that he was her son. When Duryodhan brings Karna to palace, they met Kunti. That time She saw those kundal-ear rings and asked that how come these karnphool are with you. He replies they are with his body since birth. Knowing this she faints-As shown in episode? That time she could have recognized him as her son. But she did not. to this allegation Kunti asked Duryodhan tell the truth, if you come to know that Karna is brother of Pandava, that time would you have still be friend with Karna? knowing that he is a great warrior and can be a rival to you? etc etc. ccmpxmmxeaeedfm


I think such kind of liberty is possible in India only! Great society we are. But, Yes certain sections are there who take to roads on some of very trivial issues. But still at large our society remains calm.

In past we have seen how when someone made a cartoon in Europe whole of world faced as storm by a section of humanity that follow a so called religion that has its written words only 1400 years back. In India we have a continuous civilization with each century having its own addition to that running/flowing Ganga Vaitarni of humanity.

However in two three years back we saw some people-who were called as award wapsi gang. Many more give comment over intolerance in our present day India.

I don’t agree.







today’s breakfast- Bengal #Gram or Black Gram or just Desi gram

one option for Indian #Breakfast


Indian traditional food have always been beneficial for health. Is there any claim to disprove it? However over-indulgence is always harmful. I think nowhere on this globe we have a written treatise so elaborate as Ayurveda on the aspects of Food habits and lifestyle including the health conditions. When Ayurveda was written? i think some thousands of years back. 

Gram has been considered as one of the healthiest among all food-grains. It has many varieties, Chickpea, Bengal gram, black gram. But I have always known it as chana. Kabuli chana is most famous, as it is used to prepare chole- छोले. it is a famous Punjabi dish but has now become most famous/popular dish world over. Around the globe people know this dish. This gram plant is consumed raw as “greens” also called as चने का साग।After, the legumes are filled with green grams inside, we often eat it…

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My Gaon-connection? my travel to a Village

This is what many imagine of our village life?

Village life is not simple as it looks. this structure is called bangla –बंगला


09e4e8e646684fba329f14170031f5e3cc6873a8914ac764a0930e66714c50e5download (7)485474418-640x640images (17)c4d8a2d9ba5ab4e7abb8c7b08b3b5d4641069e985b5f24913afbcf5fc04eb181b992f9a4680160c4db3da0a77a2ca56a402c3d035161dd5825bf7f7379adbd4baf580fd8d36123c19a773e5f028ce8d1शाम होते ही गांव में अजीब सी हलचल होने लगी। अजीब सी बेचैनी सी पूरे माहौल में थी। सब कोई जल्दी-जल्दी यहां वहां आ जा रहा था। सबको जल्दी पड़ी थी अपने अपने घर या अपने अपने ठिकानो पर पहुंचने की। जैसे किसी अनहोनी घटना से आशंकित थे सभी। विशेष तौर पर घरों की महिलाएं। बिजली का तो नामोनिशान नहीं था उन दिनों गांव में। शायद ही कोई घर होगा जहां बिजली आती थी।

हां लेकिन गांव के बाहर खेतों की तरफ कुछ ट्यूबवेल होते थे वहां बिजली आती थी। क्योंकि उनसे ही खेतों में सिंचाई होती थी। वहां पर ऊंचाई पर बल्ब लगा होता था और कुछ लोगों की बहुत पारखी नजर होती थी पता नहीं कैसे वे लोग भरी दुपहरिया में देखकर पहचान जाते थे कि बिजली आ गई है। पता नहीं उनको कैसे बल्ब जलता हुआ दिख जाता था? तदोपरांत उस समय कुछ लोग सरपट उस तरफ दौड़ पढ़ते थे। पंप चालू किया जाता था। कई बार तो नादी को पानी से भरने के लिए और पंप के चारों तरफ जो बगीचा होता था उसकी सिंचाई के लिए भी पंप को चलाया जाता था।

कुछ पंपों में आटा चक्की लगी होती थी। bulandshahrweb_Atta-Chakki-in-Bulandshahr_07232b0b-2_28-04-2016114946कई गांवों के बीच में एक चक्की थी। वहां पर कुछ दिनों पहले से ही बोरियों का जमावाड़ा लग जाता था। सबको पता था कि जब बिजली आएगी तभी आंटा पिसा जाएगा। यानी सब लोगों में बहुत धैर्य था।






इन्हीं पंपों के आसपास हरियाली का झुरमुट होता था यानि कि छोटा सा बगीचा होता था। इन बगीचों में लगे होते थे नीम आम कटहल कभी पपीता, तुलसी और कुछ शौकीन लोग होते थे तो वे लोग गेंदा आदि फूल भी लगा लेते थे। 40593508_676607346052096_8334848906780878911_nऔर कुछ ऐसे पंप ट्यूबवेल हाउस भी हमने देखे जिनमें कुछ सब्जियां भी उगाती गई थीं। जैसे कि लौकी, कद्दू टमाटर, सेम आदि। ऐसे झुरमुट क्योंकि गांव से थोड़ा हटकर खेतों की तरफ होते थे तो ऐसी जगहें युवा मन आकर अपना मन हल्का करते थे। तलइया, तालाब या फिर नादी(टंकी) में उन्मुक्त मन से नहाते थे। कोई देखने वाला रोकने वाला नहीं होता था। मतलब यहां महिलाओं से है। क्यूंकि युवतियां भरी दोपहरी में ऐसे खेतों पर नहीं होती थी। और होती भी थीं तो विशेष तौर पर ऐसे झुरमुट के पास जाती ही नहीं थी। और ऐसे झुरमुट निजी संपत्ति होते थे इसलिए जब तक कोई विशेष कारण या प्रयोजन नहीं हो तो वहां कोई जाता भी नहीं था। हां अगर युवक युवतियां जान पहचान वाले हुए तो ऐसे ही झुरमुट उनको एकांत में मिलने का शुभ अवसर प्रदान करते थे। वहां पहुंचने के लिए कुछ बहाना बनाया जाता था। युवतियां कई तरह के बहाने बनातीं थीं। इस उपक्रम में सहेलियां सहजता से सहयोग करती हैं। गाय गोरू चराने, चक्की से आटा पिसवाने, खेत से कुछ लाने के लिए आदि बहाने होते थे। सखी सहेली मिलकर खेतों पर जाती हैं घर में सबको पता है कि वह खेत पर गई है। लड़कियां मिलकर गई हैं इसलिए कोई डर नहीं है। पर होता उल्टा है। जिनकी दोस्ती है वे ऐसे मौकों का फायदा उठाते हैं।
आज शाम होते ही जो लोग रात ट्यूबवेल पर बिताते हैं वे भी जल्दी से लौट रहे थे। अंधेरा गहराते ही गलियों में सन्नाटा छाने लगा। अचानक एक ओर से शोर हुआ तो घरों की छतों से असंख्य टार्चें जल उठीं। उधर से कुछ लोग जल्दी जल्दी चलते हुए आ रहे थे। आवाजों के सहारे गांव में खबर फैली कि डड़ियां(जंगल) में डकैत आ गये हैं।
जैसे ही खबर गांव में फैली और घर की छत से नीचे आंगन में सुनाई पड़ी इन्द्रसेन मामी तो रोने लगीं। हाय दइया अब का हुईहै। हमका करिबे। मामी लगभग दौड़ती हुई घर का सारा सामान जेवर जेवरात आदि पोटलियों में बांधकर भूसौरी में यहां-वहां खोसने लगीं, छुपाने की चेष्टा करती। हम लोग वहां से निकल कर अपने रामप्रकाश मामा के घर वापस आ गए।
आज रामप्रकाश मामा की बरात निकलनी है। फिर कानाफूसी शुरू हो गई। एक बात यह पता चली कि शहर से रामप्रकाश की बहन और दामाद सपरिवार आए हैं और मालटाल भी लाए हैं। इसलिए लुटेरे ताक में बैठे हैं।
फिर देर शाम को बारात निकली लेकिन भय के माहौल में। कई किलोमीटर दूर जाना है। बस तो है नहीं कि एक बस में सारे लोग आ जाएंगे। बस को गांव तक आने के लिए सड़क भी तो होनी चाहिए?
हम लोग छुट्टियों में यहां आते हैं तो मुख्य सड़क पर बस से उतरने के बाद लगभग 4 किलोमीटर पैदल ही खेतों के बीच में से चलकर ही इस गांव में पहुंचते हैं। कभी-कभार बैलगाड़ी भी से भी आते हैं। रास्ता तो लंबा ही है। खेतों में जब फसल लगी हुई मिलती है तो चारों तरफ हरियाली के बीच चलते हुए थकावट कम महसूस होती है। ऐसे चलते हुए कभी कभार कोई खरगोश दिख जाता, कभी लोमड़ी, सांप या मोर और अत्यंत तरीके की चिड़ियां चहचहाती फड़फड़ाती दिखाई देती हैं। कभी खेत से गन्ना तोड़कर खाने का मौका मिल जाता था। रास्ते में जान पहचान का कोई मिल जाता तो नानी के चरण छूता और सत्कार करता। क्योंकि नानी जी इस गांव की बेटी हैं तो सारा गांव और सारे लोग रिश्ते में कुछ न कुछ लगते हैं। बेटी विवाह के बाद मान्य होती है। भांजे आदि सम्मानीय मानें जाते हैं। हम तो किसी के भांजे या नाती लगे पर नानी जी तो सबके लिए सम्माननीय हैं। पर हम बच्चों को तो गन्ना चूसने को मिल जाता है यही कम है क्या? कभी कोई सब्जी कोई साग या फिर कोई दिल बहलाने वाली चीजें मिल जाती थीं भुट्टा आदि।
अक्सर जब बस से उतरते थे हरदोई में सांण्डी रोड पर बघराई गांव में तो सड़क के किनारे पर स्थित कुआं और पास में जुम्मन मियां की दर्जी की दुकान थी। उस झोपड़ी नुमा जगह में छप्पर के नीचे बैठने से मई जून की भरी दुपहरिया की गर्मी से राहत मिलती थी। बहुत कुछ तो वहां के माहोल से ही असर होता था। नानी जी को चरणस्पर्श कहते हुए उनके और हमारे लिए तख्त या खाट पर बैठने के लिए कहना आग्रह करना फिर किसी को बोलना कि कुएं से ठण्डा पानी लाए यह सब होता था सच्चे मन भाव से और मिठास से सम्मबोधन करना वही माहौल को खुशनुमा बना देता था। नानी तो बाहमन थी इसलिए किसी और का श्पर्स किया हुआ तो छुएंगी भी नहीं पर सब कुछ खुशनुमा ढंग से किया जाता था कटुता का तो पता ही नही चलता था। फिर मामा ही कुएं से पानी निकालते और नानी पीतीं। पर हम बच्चों की बात और थी। कुछ न कुछ तो खाते ही थे। पर हां उनका छुआ हुआ नहीं। गुड़ या फिर गुड़ में पागे गये बेसन के सेव मिलते थे। वह भी वहां सड़क के किनारे पर स्थित दुकान से खरीदे जाते थे। थोड़ी देर सुस्ताने के बाद गांव के लिए यात्रा शुरू होती थी। कभी कभी बैलगाड़ी लगाई जाती थी लेकिन अगर उस समय पर सब लोग खेतों के काम से बाहर गए हुए थे तो नहीं मिलती थी पर हां अगर गांव से पहले ही आगयी होती थी तबतो हम बच्चों की बल्ले बल्ले हो जाती थी।
एक बुजुर्ग गांव में कुछ लोगों को पुराना किस्सा सुना रहा था हमने भी सुना। झुण्ड में से किसी ने उनसे आग्रह किया कि चच्चू वहीं किस्सा सुनाओ तो उन बुजुर्ग ने आरंभ किया कहानी सुनाना अपनी किस्सा गोई के लिए शायद वे सज्जन प्रसिद्ध थे। और यह निवेदन करना। उनका यह किस्सा सुनाना आज नहीं परन्तु वर्षों से चल रहा है और निरंतर जारी रहेगा उनके जीवित रहने तक। यह हमारे ग्राम की परंपरा है और इस उपक्रम से समाज में निकटता बढ़ती है सभी लोग भावनात्मक रूप से जुड़ते हैं। ऐसे ही लोकोक्तियों का निर्माण होता है। शदियों पुरानी बातें किस्से कहानियां जीवित रहतीं हैं। इसी को लोककथा भी कह सकते हैं। यही सब लोक-संस्कृति की परंपरा बनते हैं उसका संम्बर्धन करते हैं। उस दिन हमको भी प्रमाण मिला हमारी नानी के एक भाई थे जो कि अंग्रेजों के समय कुख्यात थे। मतलब अंग्रेजों के लिए सिरदर्द बने रहते थे। यह बुजुर्ग उनकी ही एक कहानी सुना रहे थे। सब लोग बार बार उनसे किस्सा सुनते थे क्यूंकि उनका सुनाने किस्सा कहने का तरीका सबको भाता था। वे नाना जिनका किस्सा था उन्होंने कह दिया था वहां के थानेदार को कि उनकी इजाजत के बगैर कोई अंग्रेजी पुलिस गांव में दाखिल नहीं होगी।
तो हमारे वह नाना जी उस क्षेत्र में प्रसिद्ध थे इसलिए उनका नाम सुनते ही लोग अक्सर मदद करते थे गांव जाने के लिए बैलगाड़ी देने में या फिर संदेश पहुंचाने में।
पर आजकल का समय सोच कर लगता है कि गांव के वह क्या दिन थे सपने सुहाने से लगते हैं वे दिन। अब तो हर चीज में बंटवारा हो गया है। परिवार समाज मोहल्ले में गांव में ही बंटवारा हो गया है।


#Helen ji Dance Diva of Indian Cinema

Helen ji happened to our Indian Cinema by destiny. Without her Indian Cinema would have been colour less, energy less. With Film Howrah Bridge she became a star!! in true sense.

i wrote about Helen ji earlier. Do read and comment on it.


Born on 21 November in Burma, her family moved to India during world war II. Along the route her family by luck met Cukoo, the famous dance star of films of her times. With her help Helen got few assignments in films but all were chorus. Later she worked hard, got training in Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc so as to meet the requirements of Film Dancing.

I remember how she beautifully matched the dance skills with Ragini ji in film Shikari.

Image result for shikari film helen ragini

Tumko dil diya itni shaan se

Image result for shikari film helen ragini

watching at this song i felt Helen ji did incredible dancing, in many frames she danced better than Ragini ji.

Our dance teacher used to tell us, as to how to perform on stage, In all those things Helen ji was exactly fit! most notable is the facial expression. Face is crucial part, bhaav comes our from smallest twitch of muscles of face. but a look at face should give impression that dancer is enjoying his or her act. Whenever you see Helen ji dancing, that moment we forget everything and transform in dance world, the emotions etc take over.

Helen ji danced in films of many languages. Even in Bhojpuri films. But looking at her face one cannot make it out that she did’nt understand nuances of folk language or folk dance.

Most amazing thing was that she designed her costumes herself, she did her own makeup. She used to purchase accessories from abroad, whenever she got chance she brought all that needed for her costumes, Feathers etc.

One thing as a dance student i noticed that in all her dance she never looked vulgar!! She started the Cabaret dancing on screen, if you don’t believe then watch any dance number earlier to Helen ji. Sensuous yes but not vulgar.

May god bless her a long healthy life