#Embroidery of #India : V & A #Museum

#embroidery has been part of our conitued Indian civilization, may i add, since Harappa Mohenjedaro on banks of river Sindhu. सिंधुनदी घाटी की सभ्यता.

below is array of items excavated from sites of this old Indian civilization.

30FL_page_90_jpg_1905818gPottery excavated in Rakhigarhi12237_10152676313699846_8123964370109800447_n

images (1)so many types of beads were found, many were polished, to provide lustre, shining etc.  Moreover there was technic to drill in such fine holes so that beads can be tied into a necklace?

Then there are few stutue or human figurine depicting many kinds of fabric, ornaments, jewellery. DOes this not indicate prevalance of fabric or textile making knowledge?



Patterns on this figurine named as priest? since having some kind of decorative piece of garment and the attitude of holding head high? i really dont know why it was namde as priest? But my point is that textile making technology existed in Sindhu Valley and civilization of that time. Harappa, RakhiGarhi, Lothal etc.

DIYOeR-W4AAkNwG such dice like formation were found, for what purpose they were supposed to be built? either present day game of dice, Ludo, or guess? if any? but beads and many measurement seals were found in far off places even in Mesopotamia? civilization?indus-weights

another amazing figurien was this. Is it not amazing fugure of 3 to 4 thousands year back? the fan like headgear or wear is pint of my attraction as I am taling about textile & weaving etc? From this figure, can we not infer the prevalance of rich technic of textile weaving designing?

images (2)pre-his-big1


One of the most famous and earliest Bath was found here. Now if such sophisticated type of structure made with Brick? existed there? then can one say people there did not know about fashion? of dress making ideas? mind it as historian called it as public Bath?


This civilization was the earliest known human settlement having with elaborate drainage, water system anywhere in world?


Only problem is we are not able to decipher Indus Civilization Script?

Then in India we have got this. The oldest example of Painting in India found in #AJanta Caves? dated to be from 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurgangabad district Maharashtra. Few dynasties are credited to have built these caves?  Satavahana dynasty

Maurya Empire  and King Harishena of the Vākāṭaka dynasty.

It is said that these caves found mention in Ain-i-Akbari by Abu al-Fazl, as twenty four rock-cut cave temples. I have not read it.

 ajanta  61ib0jE0PrL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 220px-Ajanta_Cave_17_veranda_mural_beauty581px-Indischer_Maler_des_6._Jahrhunderts_001-2

New Age artists have copied & redone on epainting of Ajanta Caves? as shown above to this.


Looking at these paintings of Ajanta Caves can anyone say embroidery, textile weaving, dress designing was not prevalent since 2nd Century India?

This painting on left depicts the hairstyle very peculiar, and was found in recent past of Kerala.

See below a painting depicting a Mohininatyam Dancer. This dance form is prevalent in Kerala.


Compare the hair style of that Ajanta Painting and here pictures  below download (2)download (3) images (3)Raja_Ravi_Varma,_Lady_Playing_the_Veena




What is common between a deer and dance?


What is common between a deer and dance? 

This deer is not a common deer. It is a Sangai deer. It is an endemic sub species of brow-antlered deer found only in marshy wetland of Keibul Lamjao south of Loktak lake of Manipur. Its scientific name is “Rucervus eldii eldii McClelland”? Sangai is state animal of Manipur. More interesting is the fact that it lives on the floating islands called “phumdi” in Loktak Lake. Why it is also called dancing deer? Phumdi is floating mass of entangled vegetation formed by the sedimentation accumulation of organic biomass material with the soil particles. Over the years the vegetation keeps on growing and decaying. Roots gets entangled together and capture the decayed organic material of vegetation and soil. The humus thus formed varies in thickness from few centimetres to upto two metres.  This mass floats over water with large part inside the water…

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This is what i wrote for a news item appeared in TOI during november december 2006.
RIL has to go for it. It was essential for them to become succesfull in the SEZ or their retailing project, which otherwise without rail/road and air cannot be a viable one. Now the thing left is that RIL has to make their CARGO fleet in place. If they can bring big planes offering the pax and cargo services together will be an added advantage. OR NEXT STEP they can work on MOU with the ministry of highways for making the famous quatriangle connecting metros DELHI KOLKATA CHENNAI MUMBAI (few additions like BANGALORE, KOCHI, ONE PORT in Gujrat for which RIL has already bidded)a dream come true and this is what RIL needs. The other vision is that if they can have fast transport like rapid transport system like metro trains side by side…

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Mind bloging barriers

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi mooted the idea of a satellite serving the needs of SAARC member nations andGSAT-9 was launched on 5th May, 2017 thnx to ISRO. Can we imagine things to move ahead to demolish all boundaries?


Migration is the natural instinct. Some traits must have been inherited by the humans from animals. Siberian cranes do come to India and so do many other birds and animals. Turtles come to the Orissa and Andaman Nicobar Islands for nesting. Great Sahara and Safari and Kalahari areas of Africa are famous for great migration of herds of wilder beasts, Zebra and Elephants etc. Thanx to Discovery and National Geographic channels. Through them only we are able to view those magnificent moments.
Now days scientist are working to find out the connection in the DNA of the humans. As it is often heard that the mother of all human races of world lies in the African land. And that too they claim due to scientific theory of the mitochondrial DNA. Thus they have started collecting DNA sample from all over the path they guessed. Such as in Iran then in…

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Mythology A pan India thing


The myth of rebirth is a pan India phenomenon. Years before I heard about the film Marichitrathazu, in which the Shobhana , the leading lady of the legend of Travancore sisters got acclaim for her performance. Then I just read through the print media that it is based on some dancing lady that’s all. In some of TV news also I heard these things. Later I got to see and know about a film called Chandramukhi, where the super star Rajni sir was also there. As the film was in tamil and as  I could make out that in the story some lady is there who still lives in a portion of house. Where nobody goes, however one lady goes there and everybody finds that the soul has taken over that lady. Some scenes of snakes were also there. Then in one film named as bhool bhoolayia, I saw…

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Our Nation- Bharat

nothing has changed


What is happening to our nation?, which was known as Bharat Mata. It is our Janani Janm Bhoomi. The most beloved mother, a personification of mother earth. Form north to south every part is resenting, somewhere it is for silly things like Language and somewhere it is for religious things. Where one should go and live in peace in this India. Almost every part have got infected with some disease or the other.
Since childhood, by grace of god and by efforts of my parents we were living in peace. That environment was better than in which my son is living. It was at IIT Kanpur campus, we grew up and had some kind of misplaced thinking of our great India.
now only I realize that it was wrong on our part to think that this land is of great people, who fought with the rulers and thought of getting…

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Kalighat school of Painting in Bengal: Jamini Roy


jam5Jamini Roy is not unknown name to me. Since school days i knew this name more so when i became aware of miniature painting, thus Kalighat school of painting became known to me.  We had also read in our history books that in one of the congress meeting the panels painted by Shri Jamini Roy/Nandlal Bose? were used. from there his painting became more popular or known to outside Bengal.(if i may say so?)


I had heard about a painting titled mother and child by Shri Jamini Roy. I thought to google it. in result i was drowned into sagar -Ocean of his paintings.


It became difficult to single out any original painting. I mean due to internet now it has become impossible to know or to see original paintings of JAMINI ROY ji. There are various versions of his painting. He has inspired a generation of young artists thus…

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