Nritya Samragyi- Queen of Kathak – Sitara Devi ji


This picture reminds me the great super star of Kathak. Her free spirit to live every moment of life in fullest.

In her advanced age she thought to present herself at stage in a perfect manner. Proper dress, proper make up and also the perfection in ART. She had mastered the art of Kathak Dance very early, as a child she was taught by her Father Pandit SukhDev Maharaj and her elder sisters Tara, though she had another elder sister Smt Alaknanda, considered to be as queen of Dadra. Smt Tara devi was mother of another great star of Kathak, Natraj Gopi Krishna.


Gaura Pant ‘Shivani’ (October 17, 1923 – 21 March 2003)

in remembrance of a great writer in #Hindi Sahitya literature Respected Gaura Pant Shivani as she was popularly called. She wrote many novels stories and I read many of her books. In all she portrayed each women as a special soul.





जन्म: 17 अक्टूबर, 1923 को विजयादशमी के दिन राजकोट (गुजरात) में हुआ। आधुनिक अग्रगामी विचारों के समर्थक पिता श्री अश्विनीकुमार पांडे राजकोट स्थित राजकुमार कॉलेज के प्रिंसिपल थे, जो कालांतर में माणबदर और रामपुर की रियासतों में दीवान भी रहे। माता और पिता दोनों ही विद्वान्, संगीतप्रेमी और कई भाषाओं के ज्ञाता थे। साहित्य और संगीत के प्रति एक गहरी रुझान ‘शिवानी’ को उनसे ही मिली। शिवानी के पितामह संस्कृत के प्रकांड विद्वान – पं. हरिराम पांडे, जो बनारस हिन्दू विश्वविद्यालय में धर्मोपदेशक थे, परम्परानिष्ठ और कट्टर सनातनी थे। महामना मदनमोहन मालवीय से उनकी गहन मैत्री थी। वे प्रायः अल्मोड़ा तथा बनारस में रहते थे, अतः अपनी बड़ी बहन तथा भाई के साथ शिवानी जी का बचपन भी दादाजी की छत्रछाया में उक्त स्थानों पर बीता, किशोरावस्था शान्तिनिकेतन में, और युवावस्था अपने शिक्षाविद् पति के साथ उत्तर प्रदेश के विभिन्न भागों में। पति के…

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Kalighat school of Painting in Bengal: Jamini Roy

jam5Jamini Roy is not unknown name to me. Since school days i knew this name more so when i became aware of miniature painting, thus Kalighat school of painting became known to me.  We had also read in our history books that in one of the congress meeting the panels painted by Shri Jamini Roy/Nandlal Bose? were used. from there his painting became more popular or known to outside Bengal.(if i may say so?)


I had heard about a painting titled mother and child by Shri Jamini Roy. I thought to google it. in result i was drowned into sagar -Ocean of his paintings.


It became difficult to single out any original painting. I mean due to internet now it has become impossible to know or to see original paintings of JAMINI ROY ji. There are various versions of his painting. He has inspired a generation of young artists thus many of these artists have reproduced Jamini paintings.

On the theme of mother and child i got some paintings but i could not tell which one is the original painting. Until and unless any expert tells you the difference, it is very difficult to know the differences on our own.  jamini-roy-painting-mother-and-child-pa09_lThere are color differences, some paintings have different patterns, but one needs an eye to notice such minute differences, and to identify original from reproductions.

#Kalighat Paintings were there since centuries. The painters in Bengal painted almost varied subject mostly the traditional devotional subjects. But Kalighat paintings,  as they became to be known during the British period also had subjects of daily life of Bengal.

Earlier Jamini Roy was studying the Abanindranath Tagore style of paint141px-bharat_mataings. Shri Abanindranath Tagore himself was influenced by the British style or Raj or Company paintings as they are known. But later he thought to incorporate the Indian characters and subjects, ethos in his paintings. one of his famous painting was Bharat Mata, the earliest form imagined of the Bharat Mata.

Later all painters of that time influenced by the call of India and such learned painters. They also began painting Indian themes much like Raja Ravi Verma.

Jamini Roy also painted Ramayana, Mahabharat themes. He also included the subjects of local painters much like Kalighat Painters use to do



can you tell which is the original painting on left?8cd263ba5d5d7073cd2082da236ca6fe

657e7d3a647aa42b7868f06a99c69f7620oriart_195934987c0b226f2ed87f69427c5607b9d8a5-1 here also can one identify the difference, from original?

here also can one identify the difference, from original?

  And in these two can you tell which one is original painting of Jamini Roy ji?129287976726599204_5ca637e4-19e5-4a3d-a1d6-38983cdc111e_176016_570

Which is the original Jamini Roy painting from above two?

bauls2 bigjamini0105-1-300x239downloaddownload-1

Jamini Roy was recognised and this postal stamp was brought out to remember/recognize his contribution to the style of painting. Do painting has anything to do with the society or social development? is there any connection or is it relevant in present milieu of social fabric? has arts got their justified share of respect in our society or still our society is having Raj hangover?

#Kalighat paintings had a rich representation of social life of that times. Even the British officers were also smitten by these lively paintings and became patrons of many paintings, odoring their offices and homes. Even Kalighat painters started painting the british subjects in their paintings

which is the original Jamini Roy painting below?




it is very difficult to tell which is the original Jamini Roy painting above?

then suddenly one day i got this in twitter?



This is  huge world of Kalighat paintings. But after all it is form of expression. Given the nature of humans every one is free to express in the way suits themselves.roy-jamini-1887-1972-india-dancing-gopinis-3642950images-2jam3

Tree MotherSaalumarada Thimmakka

i read article in The Hindu can came to know about her. She is truly a Tree mother. Since she was able to conceive, she and her husband adopted trees and planted saplings in their village. She groomed tree saplings as her adopted children that indicates her devotion. And i think whole village must be knowing that very well. She is sought for her blessings. As she is the mother of #Banyan Trees that indicates her immortalness.  i had written about Burgad Banyan tree earlier click to read.




such people should be given highest civilian awards by nation/states. I dont know whether her old age pension or any other type of help is given to her by the state? Such kind of people who do the work without any prejudice must be supported by state or Government. Then to support such persons, eligibility criterion of Govt. schemes should not matter. then only we will think that we are a free independent nation.

Jai tree mother, jai kissan Jai jawan