#Men in #Dhoti; Is it not a #menswear? why #shorts?

images (95)Why men/boys prefer to wear Shorts (pants)? Any reasons?

I was little bit taken aback when i saw most of the young newly married couples coming to the city for honeymoon and wear such cloths which they could never dare to wear back at their homes? Idea is solely to couple-wedding-honeymoon-shoot-mauritius-india-indian-hotel-mauritius-best-photographer-7.jpgcompare Indian Vs West?


images (336) (1)


He definitely looks like a casual tourist, wearing casuals as he would say? 20171125_160550-1.jpgbut then he is wearing this short pant just with a presumed perception of being upmarket? belonging to  Nouveau riche group of middle upper class?

There is also a trend among the newly educated lot or high flying group that wearing this type of casual cloths is symbol of status?    




I mean very idea of wearing such types of cloth i don’t like.

When i see women kept fully covered and men standing with them are in shorts? i thought why this discrimination? why these women are burdened to save the honour? of family? izzat? Men can wear any kind of cloths but women are supposed to wear traditional dress only?


I have seen men wearing Pant/jeans shirts (to me it looks as imitating the British Raj?) but women standing with them wear saree (sari)? that is a traditional wear of India?

Why women are not supposed to wear those frocks and gowns, as British ladies wore of that time? Men conveniently copied the shirt and pants? but ladies who are supposed to keep the family honour are never allowed to wear western outfits? This is evident in most of the Indian Marriages.


Indian wedding are famous for splendour of colors, lights, festivities. Clothing is the most important aspect. Everyone seems to be wearing best attire of their collection, (often just to show off, why not such occasions were meant for this purpose only)

while choosing dresses for grooms and brides, people tend to choose traditional dresses for brides, Sari, Lehnga etc. Whereas grooms choose most awkward dress such as coat, pants etc.  It is also a form of gender discrimination.


NJ DC Wedding Photographer | Mohaimen Kazi Photography  indian-wedding-reception-outfits


Ideally both groom and bride must wear our traditional dresses. I liked this photograph(below)3860795ca60e8ed1b58457d07afe9497--punjabi-suits-indian-suits

When both man and woman wear that kind of cloths, then only it looks nice. Equal treatment should be given to both gender. Or


There should be an opportunity of right of choice. Girls are mentally / culturally pressurized to wear the outfits in garb of custom and culture? most of the time they succumb to that mental or emotional pressure.

As a child i might have seen this photograph(below) somewhere and few others, where a hero wearing a dhoti is hugging the heroine. There was one film produced in association of Russia. In that the actor hugged heroine while wearing Dhoti. That image lingered on me and still is in my mind.

14071 - Siddhartha

More angry i got seeing few images where men wearing couple-wedding-honeymoon-shoot-mauritius-india-indian-hotel-mauritius-best-photographer-7-e1513770257388.jpgjeans/pants but ladies wore half leg dress? that is also not justifiable? But it is matter of choice they say.


As i said in most of weddings traditional dresses are given to women and brides. Why families or society has accepted this type of dressing code?

British left but likening or copying dress continues? (most people think English speaking is something to do with status?) even after independence we as a society never discarded British dress mentality.


Does this couple not look beautifull? given that we belong to India?

Keeping up with our traditions and family values they should adopt traditions followed in the family.

Otherwise what they will teach their wards (next generations) about their traditions?

Will they not be blamed for imposing their choices on their wards? some one asked?







Idea here is only to compare Western and Indian dress?couple-wedding-honeymoon-shoot-mauritius-india-indian-hotel-mauritius-best-photographer-4


Why this garment is called Dhoti? wikipedia has something on this subject also. People always search wiki for everything. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhoti Is there anything similar search engine in our India?

I was amazed to see that dhoti is linked to religion?  on this link at oxford dictionary https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/dhoti  it is written as a garment worn by male Hindus ?? no one questioned.  The mention of dhoti as a Hindu dress is totally wrong. dhoti oxford

Similarly another link on Britanica https://www.britannica.com/topic/dhoti says similar thing.

dhoti britanica

I thought the word Loin Cloth is used for Langot? I didn’t know that Dhoti is a long loincloth?  Then down on page it is written that it was called a Paridhana? To me Paridhan means cloths/dress we wear.  So there are lots of confusing information for my ears and eyes on internet.

images (104)Mahatma Gandhi ji wore Dhoti (of course after his return from South Africa and when one of our great leader advised him to travel & see around our real India. He then took to travelling to different parts of India. In the film GANDHI by Richard Attenborough Gandhi ji on river of Ganga at Allahabad saw that girl who was struggling to cover her body and seeing that Gandhi ji left a piece of cloth in running water, it went down stream and that girl caught that cloth. Whole scene is an eye opener. poetically the situation was picturized to depict the pathetic condition and poverty. That lady emoted very well, if you see that scene then only you can understand.

He was of also of the view to discard  foreign cloths. He encouraged self weaving with Charkha. Through that he meant our society should be self sufficient, Self supporting, Self dependent even in cloth making. We know it by name of Khadi. Khadi symbolizes Independence, Self Respect, Self dependence.

I like the idea where men and women have equal opportunity to choose their cloths?


Many years back(1989?) i tried to participate in a dress designing competition organised by YSL? I did try few designs for dhoti? in various ways? In 1983 NID the premier institute for Design in Ahmedabad advertised for admissions in design courses for +2 students. Back home i could not dare to apply for admission? thinking/presuming of family reaction?  Back then in age of Black and white Doordarshan, we had TV only for any kind of visual entertainment. News print was main source of information, giving an idea of what is happening in world? so I knew Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Rina Dhaka, there was another Rina i think? a duo designer singh? Later in time i came to know about one designer Rodriguez from Goa. In photo he looked dashing?

In between during 1985 or so i saw and read about Smt Sarbari Dutta?  20dattaThe good thing was that she was designing men’s wear. She had saree(sari) with Kantha also. I was ill-famous for wearing dhoti kurta among my peers. All my classmates and other imitated the western cloths- pant and shirt.  I was ridiculed for wearing dhoti.

I felt sad to see some traces of  Un-acceptableness in eyes of my Father? Because due to me he might have got feedback of different nature from his peer group? After many years, once on an occasion of a wedding of relative his anger came out? I had chosen to wear coat, long full shirt and Dhoti for that wedding. I was the only one in whole crowd wearing that kind of funky outfit??

My father had custom made most expensive triple suit for my wedding?  Most expensive means it was beyond normal expenses our family could bear? But he made it clear I am going to wear that British dress, which I termed as “Gulam-dress” a symbol of slavery? my papa ji always got furious on hearing that. But I got chance to wear my choice of cloths at the time of reception at home. I had bought a Dhoti Kurta from Kolkatta, Of course not from Sarbari’s collection?  But i did make attempts to see few showrooms in Kolkatta, Wedding dress on display in those showrooms were beyond my pocket.

Dhoti is a fantastic wear for men. The term Dhoti is common to both gender. Or a word is there that can be used : UNISEX !!. But the dhoti that men wear is called mardani dhoti. In some community a cloth men wear is called as Lungi, Tahmad.  Below is a glimpse of few versions of Dhoti.

Priest saluting the sun in the Ganges, Varanasi Benares India
priest saluting the sun in the Ganges, Varanasi Benares India


Model wearing creation of Sarbari Dutta

02dhoti1.jpg img_6603.jpg

models wearing sarbari’s creations.



I don’t know why this image was created? instead of being creative, creator seemed to make joke? or fun. I doubt whether they were serious to bring forward our mens wear.

1b3ca97f59da74b8ce621bae23e33761--pretty-men-beautiful-men there are many versions to tie this cloth called Dhoti.12818963_222051778145519_25854311_n1e952153465024263bb98aee75be0cbf-how-to-wear-different-styles.jpg

festive-kurta-with-dhoti-pants 1-nZ45fQ5-iBXItqDNsJKEsw    3.jpg


In Bollywood or any film attire is chosen as per the role or story requirement. not for promoting any dress. But yes many times style statements are made by the actors but those remain withing the boundaries of characters they played.

Encyclopedia Britanica shows this pic, men wearing Dhoti
Rajasthani Life, India
Indian men wearing traditional clothing and Rajasthani turbans in village of Nimaj, Rajasthan, Northern India


Dhoti is so easy to wear, Dhoti is a long unstiched piece of byomkesh-bakshy_145310027.jpgcloth.

People have to tie a knot around waist and drape it. few tricks are required to do the plaits and tuck it back.



Even wild version is there no requirement of a long cloth. few naughty people tie just a small cloth.

 c463f2b708442f4b3ddfc5db1f99d416   1e3b10f29aa5fc078301ca8c1ae5144b--men-swimwear-asian-men

chufaylw8aayzmb.jpg cream_dhoti_with_zari_border_kr85cenx85z.jpg dh1

dh2 Lungi is not Dhoti


Our Leaders also had liking for dhoti, that was the Indian dress. No South North divide was there? can you figure out in this picture abe? any difference?

images (3)images (4)images (8)images (7)



Mahatma Gandhi ji popularised this type of Dhoti.











mendhoti1-1.jpgmm1821.jpgMylaiTamizhSangamNawalargh, Lloyd 017off-white-poly-dupion-readymade-kurta-with-dhoti-g14.jpgtarun-tahiliani-couture-exposition-2013-menswear-couture-6.pngbhopa.jpg

One incident happened with me when i was entering the Red fort in Delhi. I was wearing dhoti kurta which i thought to be a normal dress. But at the entrance gate one guard stopped me and started inquiring.  I said why u stopped me, as i felt bad being singled out in that crowd. I said you stopped me only thinking that i am a poor village person and cant give you reply. Call your officer. Few more guards came then i told them in English, that i am such and such person and i live inside RedFort. I am going home? Can i go? they started talking themselves. I said you should not think so low about dhoti kurta.  People think so low about dhoti kurta. they have their own perception about this Indian dress. perceived notions.


But when i see people in shorts, or pants i think sad, as how our traditional life style had been taken over by the west.  Traditions also had gone extinct.

People in general do not think wearing dhoti as good thing? i mean not many give a thought to wear dhoti? If they see some one wearing dhoti,  immediately their thought process signals that dhoti wearing person is backward? That’s called Gulam Mansikta? Legacy of Raj? Thinking like a slave. We have lost respect for our own traditions.

Earlier on Black and white Doordarshan we used to get glimpses of few fashion icons. Now this internet has come up with vast opportunity to see the world at our own desktop?  it is now called as Palm top or Palm held devices?

11502189227928-sojanya-since-1958-stitched-gold-mens-dhoti-3781502189227679-1_mini.jpg571b5544b4569d8c62152ae724f5dee0-indian-groom-indian-suits.jpgimages-63.jpgaz49Dhoti is so versatile, as is the sari/saree. Indian traditional attire has vast scope. there are regional variations as well.

images (57)2_South_Indian_Dhoti_Styleimages (59)

   6281c985647f2f3038f43f4c78e90d6d-sexy-indian-men-indian-suits.jpg4bf6d91c29f67a5d3d42209fb939b0a3--greek-men-male-cosplay   images (62) images (61)34a420dc35170452fc6fe04b8858e7fa--celtic-pride-men-fashion this is not exactly a dhoti but a small piece of dhoti? but picture is pleasant to look at.

avinash-4.jpgHe is UmaShankar in a TV serial. But he is wearing a ready made dhoti, stitched for ease. But the picture exudes warmth and sensuous appeal. so I included here. But it tells that nowdays people have forgotten how to wear the dhoti, and thus created this new instant dhoti, ready to wear. Just like fast food or instant noddles? how lifestyle has changed our ways.

b2e4cc4ee39e80656ed74c151698c6b6This is a studio click i think. dhoti in this pic is for special occasions. But in ancient or recent past warriors used to wear such type of dhoti. Often on days when durbar or courts used to held.

I don’t know when we will try to love our Indian dress. And stop imitating west?download-9.jpga11.jpgimages (89)download (10)

There are few links available in YouTube on How to wear Dhoti?

I just think of some days when we will start respecting our own traditions.


#Rajasthani #Maand #Rajasthani #FolkMusic

Gavri Devi or Gavri Bai ji is famous Folk Singer of Rajasthan, from Pali, now in old age she is strugling, her family- as usual happens with our musicians, they are also trying to survive.

#Embroidery of #India : V & A #Museum

#embroidery has been part of our conitued Indian civilization, may i add, since Harappa Mohenjedaro on banks of river Sindhu. सिंधुनदी घाटी की सभ्यता.

below is array of items excavated from sites of this old Indian civilization.

30FL_page_90_jpg_1905818gPottery excavated in Rakhigarhi12237_10152676313699846_8123964370109800447_n

images (1)so many types of beads were found, many were polished, to provide lustre, shining etc.  Moreover there was technic to drill in such fine holes so that beads can be tied into a necklace?

Then there are few stutue or human figurine depicting many kinds of fabric, ornaments, jewellery. DOes this not indicate prevalance of fabric or textile making knowledge?



Patterns on this figurine named as priest? since having some kind of decorative piece of garment and the attitude of holding head high? i really dont know why it was namde as priest? But my point is that textile making technology existed in Sindhu Valley and civilization of that time. Harappa, RakhiGarhi, Lothal etc.

DIYOeR-W4AAkNwG such dice like formation were found, for what purpose they were supposed to be built? either present day game of dice, Ludo, or guess? if any? but beads and many measurement seals were found in far off places even in Mesopotamia? civilization?indus-weights

another amazing figurien was this. Is it not amazing fugure of 3 to 4 thousands year back? the fan like headgear or wear is pint of my attraction as I am taling about textile & weaving etc? From this figure, can we not infer the prevalance of rich technic of textile weaving designing?

images (2)pre-his-big1


One of the most famous and earliest Bath was found here. Now if such sophisticated type of structure made with Brick? existed there? then can one say people there did not know about fashion? of dress making ideas? mind it as historian called it as public Bath?


This civilization was the earliest known human settlement having with elaborate drainage, water system anywhere in world?


Only problem is we are not able to decipher Indus Civilization Script?

Then in India we have got this. The oldest example of Painting in India found in #AJanta Caves? dated to be from 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurgangabad district Maharashtra. Few dynasties are credited to have built these caves?  Satavahana dynasty

Maurya Empire  and King Harishena of the Vākāṭaka dynasty.

It is said that these caves found mention in Ain-i-Akbari by Abu al-Fazl, as twenty four rock-cut cave temples. I have not read it.

 ajanta  61ib0jE0PrL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 220px-Ajanta_Cave_17_veranda_mural_beauty581px-Indischer_Maler_des_6._Jahrhunderts_001-2

New Age artists have copied & redone on epainting of Ajanta Caves? as shown above to this.


Looking at these paintings of Ajanta Caves can anyone say embroidery, textile weaving, dress designing was not prevalent since 2nd Century India?

This painting on left depicts the hairstyle very peculiar, and was found in recent past of Kerala.

See below a painting depicting a Mohininatyam Dancer. This dance form is prevalent in Kerala.


Compare the hair style of that Ajanta Painting and here pictures  below download (2)download (3) images (3)Raja_Ravi_Varma,_Lady_Playing_the_Veena



A Legend Passes Away: #Mrinalini #Mukherjee #expressionist??

I read about her : Smt Mrinalini Mukherji in Magazine Dharmayug almost 30 years back. Few of her extraordinary creations were published. Could not believe my eyes what i saw back then. But when i got the chance to see her creations in the Bharat Bhavan Bhopal, then only i could believe. Seeing is Believing it is said. Yes. There were huge installations all woven like sweaters are done? She was great expressionist and most imaginative?

TateEtc41_Artwork-FINAL.inddTT_feature4van raja NGMAVruksha Nat NGMA The VanRaja was the famous ceration, where she might have thought to highlight the plight of Forest?

State of the Art

Rashmi Rajgopal tries rebuilding the image of  the artist and sculptor and asks readers to add in their pieces as well

How do you create an image of someone you have never met before in your life? Instinct would drive you to read about this person, or speak with people who knew her. But if you’re looking for something more impactful, simply attend a memorial service being held for that person.

On Friday, February 6, visitors flooded the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi in remembrance of acclaimed artist and sculptor Mrinalini Mukherjee. The NGMA, currently holding a retrospective titled “Transfigurations: The Sculpture of Mrinalini Mukherjee”, held a memorial service for the artist who, aged 65, had succumbed to a prolonged lung problem last Monday. Among those who spoke fondly of her were Professor Rajeev Lochan, director of the NGMA; Peter Nagy, curator of the ongoing retrospective; critic Geeta…

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Rekha ji- through photos

I started collecting pictures of Umrao Jaan.  But then I don’t know which photo is to be deleted from this collection.

Each and every frame speaks something or the other, Emoting various kinds of emotions. I don’t have caliber to select or delete any of these photos. Rekha ji did a memorable role in this movie and her name and her acting in this role will be etched in golden words in history of Indian cinema along with two other names one is most respected MeenaKumari ji and Shri Muzaffar Ali, who is a Raja in true sense and sensibility…from Kotawara and Luknow…which is often pronounced as Nakhlou

1d3e2b07e850f56b71bd5944f3ecedd8896e38d803cbda28e5f5daa13b47c038--bollywood-saree-bollywood-fashionre1 (2)re1 (3)re1 (4)re1 (5)re1 (6)re1 (7)re1 (8)re1 (9)re1 (12)re1 (13)re1 (15)re1 (16)re1re2 (3)re2 (5)re2 (7)re2 (9)re2 (12)re2 (14)re2 (16)re2 (17)re2 (18)re2 (20)re2 (21)re2 (23)re2 (25)re4 (3)re4re5re6 (3)re6re7 (3)re8re13 (2)re14 (2)re17 (6)re18re19re25re26 (4)re30 (4)re32 (3)re33 (2)re33 (3)re33re34re35 (2)re35 (3)re36 (3)re37 (2)re37 (4)re37 (5)re37re38 (2)re38re39re56 (3)rek23rekha1rekha3 (2)rekha3rekha5rekha6rekha7


what you think? #Sculpture from Kashmir


just see this image. Is it really from Kashmir?
its not just beautifull sculpture but it is proof of hard work, high standards of Art, metal art? prevalent in our India centuries ago. During the time of invaders lots of arts, knowledge have been lost. Many arts have become extinct.

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Rekha: how can we describe her??

On the eve of New year I saw on the Star Plus Channel that Rekha ji was honoured with LifeTime Achievement award at StarScreenAward Function held some time back.


Amazingly She danced at her old song with full vigour. (at this age) She was full of grace.


images-50images-51        star-one

Just saw a tweet about Rekha ji honoured with lifetime achievement award at a function named #SansuiColorsStardustAwards. it was presented by the Javed Akhtar ji and Shabana Azmi ji. How one can describe Rekha ji and her journey in films. She started as a novice and at very young age. Given the circumstances of family she had to act in films. it is heartening and sad that young teen was not given any option, she had to sacrifice all her freedom for employment.


As we know through media She had a troubled childhood. Now days media and internet has given opportunity to a seeker of information. But her immediate family must have struggled to survive in this harsh world.   She groomed herself and became a star on her own, she created a style. If i can say so she is evergreen glittering star.

She blossomed into a matured artists as evident from few of her films. Khoobsoorat, Umrao Jaan, Utsav to name few.

She created magic on screen. The other star which i liked before Umrao Jaan was Meena Kumari ji. I am a confirmed fan of Smt Meena Kumari ji. In childhood i epitomized her.

Her portrayal of emotions was superb on screen. Whenever she cried on screen i felt same and whenever she felt angry anguish or she felt pain, i also felt the same pain, such was the connection with her onscreen persona. She was a star bigger than the screen. She immortalized the roles she played/acted in films.images-49

But when i saw Umrao Jaan i was totally mesmerized by the sheer color, dazzling costumes, immortal music and more over the seriousness by which Rekha ji enacted the role on screen. Many times she herself had confirmed that it was UmraoJaan that discovered Rekha. Rekha and UmraoJaan became synonymous to each other. It was brilliance of Shri Muzafar Ali, the Raja of Kotwara that brilliance of Rekha ji came out so well on screen as Umrao Jaan. The film story, editing, music played the key role. And story itself was from my city Lucknow thus i became fan of the film as well.

It is really a mystery that how she has groomed herself from her first film to the present day.

in these years many opportunities came to her.

She carried her charm despite of UPs and Downs in life.


download-7download-8Each of these frames speak in volume about her skills of emoting. For that she got the award for UMRAO JAAN.



images-15  images-16images-19images-20images-30images-25images-23images-21images-29


4 then this film Utsav happened and for me no other star could have been more suited for this role other than Rekha ji.


in spite of good music well researched this film’s music could not spell magic as Umrao Jaan did. Though the songs bela mahka ri mahka dil kyo bahka and others were superb songs. But still i feel more music with dhrupad elements for dance could have been shown in this film as somehow this film centered around a courtesan. a dancer.09rekha6download-13download-14download-16download-17