Aadhaar, UID, how many cards will I have?

I don’t have Aadhaar. I do have Voter’s ID, PAN card, Driving licence (a card), Islander’s ID card, BANK ATM Debit card, One hospital card, Department’s ID card, NPR- the famous National Population Register card, How many more cards do i need to have?

all these are in a format and plastic coated.
There are others also called as card. Ration card, it is called as Family identity card here. LPG booklet, Bank Pass Book- though i don’t remember when for the last time i updated the accounts, since to update i had to stand for more than half hour or so in a que, nowdays they have two ques, one for ladies and one for men. I use now online mode to see bank account details.
Then there are Birth Certificates, school leaving and character certificate, certificates of educational qualifications, work Experience certificates, Employment records, awards of merit certificate in variuos co-curricual activities.
The there are also some Caste certificates, Marriage certificate (though i dont have one? all the ceremonies were performed but not this one on paper??) Legal heir certificate ( i dont have one), Living certificate (for pensioners).
I do not have the most important certifiate to prove that i am Indian, that is a Pass Port (?)
I have seen almost all the staff have it.
How many do i need, How many i can carry? Why do i need all these?
Why now i have to stand in a que to get Aadhaar. I hope this time I do get it. Since standing in a long que is very troublesome for me(variuos reasons)