NandLal Bose : Indian Paintings

The name is familiar, read in our school books. That Shri Nand Lal Bose has painted in constitution of India. Many of his beautifull illustrations adorn it.

NBoseFeat2 (1)

Later I read in books that at Haripura congress adhiveshan he was requested to paint. then we could see his most beautifull depiction of daily life and common man.


now as i progressed in life, time permitted in between i got to know or read about NandLal Bose. He was inspired by Ajanta frescos-so to say our ancient Indian traditions of paintings.





does this painting below not reminds the scene from the film-Do Aankhe barah haath made by V Shantaram ji. where hero fought with a bull and got injured.



His depiction of daily life became popular, after haripura adhiveshan. I think common people who came there must have seen this canvas, and could easily relate with them. Earlier such paintings were for only rich people. I don’t know whether in Bengal they had paintings bought by middle class? May be paintings of NandLal might have infused enthusiasm in common people to posses these painting-if however they were affordable?

hari1nationalism-drawing-poster-india-3hari3tstorenandalal_6c436d80-5925-47b0-8bcb-bec3934a61971707nandlalpic5unnamed (2)unnamed (1)nandalal_bose_idd690ngma_blr-acc-no-04849-505_01_hachievements-of-nandalal-bose

He was also influenced by nature-tribal or village community. thus he painted many such beautifull canvas depicting seems to be tribal life. Santhal as they are known now.My St Nandlal Bose Info

Artists are human being too. thus such canvas are created depicting inner desires, of which being a human they very much aware off.antique_paintings_of_nandalal_bose_for_sale_1933994CqsJo-cXEAAWhk_ im_kol-AT-73-195-3500_01_hnandalal-bose-untitled    nandalab_13win_12595_big (1) 


annapurna-1943 (1)
Annapurna? why he painted this? for FAMINE?
influence of Japan or chinese Art?
I think it is Eklavya?




63798_originalngma_del-ngma-00147-9305_01_hunnamed (7)     nandlal1.jpegArtfulPolitics3

1946 nandlal
Arjun at Swayambar of Draupadi
Shankaracharya and disciples

images (19)nandlal_1803live_35509_big



images (33)


He went to Baroda(Varodara) and painted many fresco inspired by Mahabharat for Gaikawads Palace.

Nandalal Bose mural at Vadodara palace. Battle of Kurukshetr
Arjun-Krishna in Mahabharat

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