Doors Of India #DoorsOfIndia


For some Doors become matter of forgotten past. Once they decide to leave home, they have to take decision of coming out of door. Once they come out Doors do not exist for them, as they become Sanyasi- to wow Vairagya. they perform ritual of Shraadh as people do for their loved ones who die. so that the soul gets freedom from this vicious cycle of World-materialistic world-physical world. they get NIRVANA, Moksh from death and Birth. Which other human are destined to follow on this Mrityulok-Bhoolok.

thus this picture as I interpret is of that moment when it is hard to take decision to come out of worldly relations-homely relations-Emotions.

here beauty of door is not important but the its importance in life of a wanderer-a Monk-A sanyasi-Sadhu is highlighted, that makes this door(photo of door) more beautifull. isn’t it? what you say?


Published by

Gaurang Katyayan misra

I am nobody on this vast globe. trying to search for my relevance for existence. Trying to read boundaries.. how to demolish them? want to walk on path of wisdom.. such as vivekananda, Ram, Krishna, Meera, kabir, Sankaracharya, rani chennama, ahilyabai holkar, Laxmi bai, umrao jaan, Rai praveen, Chanakya, SitaRam Raju, Shiva ji, lachit burfukan, Sankar Dev, list is endless

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