Buying a #Tata #Car? where to put grievance? @TataMotors

i have earlier written about why buying a car is a difficult process now i am writing why buying a car is a bad experience??? at least for me.
For more than 10 years i have waited to take a decision to buy a car, that too belonging to made in India concept.
I was glad when in 2008 a new car was brought out by tata motors, The Tata Nano?, Ratan Tata ji drove on to that stage and revealed it to the world. It was said to be the cheapest car in the world.
That day on wards i thought to put some money to buy this Tata Nano. Whenever I told at home that i want to buy tata nano that very moment a cold war started in my home. forcing me to delay my decision of buying tata nano.
now since i have met an accident and had a fall from scooter and got leg injury. ultimately decided to buy a car immediately. I asked someone in my office to send for dealer of tata motors in my city.
in evening a sales person of dealer of tata motors came to my home. he offered colourful brochure cars. it had attractive photographs of cars with lots of specification. most of those specifications are meaningless to me. To a novice, a first time buyers of a car like me or so to save i am illiterate in that field to know about those specification of a car.
As a common man only criteria is the cost of car that decides our choice. After few deliberation by that sales person we thought to select some but since i had an emergency requirement.  means i cannot wait as i have already injured my knee so unable to walk or drive scooter, i thought to buy a car so that at least i can drive or hire a driver for daily requirements, of taking my son to school, tuition and other house works requiring my wife to go to market and most importantly going to hospital.
While selecting colours we were stuck and also about the few specifications of car. He told that this colour is not available at present you have to wait for sometime if you want this colour or that particular car.
But due to my emergency requirement did not permit me to delay or wait for sometime. That means i do not have a window of waiting time. So we were forced or constraint to buy what was said to be in stock i repeat in stock. That salesperson told this car is in stock so we selected a chocolate brown colour. Inspire of our preferred colour was white. since we were informed that if you want to buy some other car on some other color then you have to wait for sometime, that was the statement given by sales executive. based on that and constraint of time and emergency requirement we opted for that particular Tiago xt of brown colour. we did not get any test drive? there was no request from our side to see the car? As every other customer goes to showroom and select car but in my case i was on medical treatment having leg injury and constraint of time, i mean i my requirement was of an emergency requirement so putting faith on the words of sales person that this car is available in stock with the dealer of tata motors i signed cheque for 3 lakhs and asked him to process a loan application for 2.40 lakhs.
After 2 days i was asked to come to the sbi bank and sign on various papers at various places that bank person told me. he had put tick marks at many places with pencil and i blindly signed without reading a single word on that fat bunch of papers. that was said to be my loan application. i could not wait for there and returned home.
I had told him that delivery time most preferably is Friday. I need car by Friday. On Saturday i went to the showrooms as i did not receive any phone call. So i went there on my own taking an auto rickshaw. Sales person told he do not have driver that day so he was unable to pick me from my home. that’s why i opted for auto rickshaw to reach showroom from there he drove me in a car to workshop. there he showed me one car that was of chocolate brown. there was another customers also who came to see that car. Thus it came out that particular car of brown colour standing in the workshop on Saturday 11th August was of that customer. sales person told me that your car is similar to this car. later when my son enquired about few things he told there will be no alloy wheels, there will be no viper etc etc. Then i stopped him told that i will not see this car you tell me when i can see my car. When you show my car then only my visit will be counted. this visit is not counted.
he said by Wednesday your car will be in workshop.
i returned home and waited for their phone call but it never came. then i asked on Thursday he said i don’t have a vehicle to come to you then i asked you don’t have a motorcycle or anything he said no, i will come tomorrow.
after that i did not receive any phone call for 2 days when i phoned on Friday he told there is some delay then all my patience went away. i could not hold myself.
on Saturday i went to the showroom and inquired about the manager. staff present there told me, manager has gone outside and that particular salesperson is also not in the showroom. then i asked whom shall talk to about my problem. i was promised the car by Friday but it did not happen. so where to put my grievance. While i was shouting crying and telling my problem to staff present there who all seemed to be alien that very time phone call came from the sales person he told there is a delay in arriving of the car? i said i was told that car was in stock? that’s why we were constraint to select that particular car. Otherwise if we were informed that day that this car is also not in stock then i would have chosen any other car. As there was no waiting time for me thus we had selected this car Tiago. Purely due to emergency requirement. now i am told that you have to wait. that means the person told me wrong information. He gave me wrong information. he then told in stock means that car is in transition. i told that i have studied till msc or post graduation and you need not to tell me what is meaning of in stock????
He kept on telling me what is the meaning of in-stock. I said don’t tell me that technical term used car. You told that car is in stock so i gave you money without seeing the car, without having any test drive. only based on this statement that car is in stock and by one week i will get the keys of car, and it should be delivered in my home on Friday based on that i gave the money.
now he began to give me more excuses later on i talked to manager also i told him all that happened with me.
i don’t know what was going on in his mind. he later told that it is very difficult. i said if i am suppose to wait for this car i could have waited for another car also?
had i been told that car is not available i could have opted for another car or another colour. Since i was told that car is in stock so i selected this car. what is my fault? he said no since chasis number is allotted in your name.
consignment is a allotted to your name.
so many excuses he started telling. i told i don’t want this car, give me the Tigor XT and i told I will pay the additional amount. he said there was some miss miscommunication and that salesperson did not tell me this. otherwise i could ever stopped your cheque, so that by the time car comes we would have happily given this car. One car was standing in his showroom. he said he could have sold this car. Sales person could have told me the correct thing.
I said what is the option? i don’t want this Tiago and you give me Tigor XT. I said tell me how much more money you want i’m ready to give. he told that it costs 6.60 lakh. I said i am ready to pay.
he said no, no it is not possible, once car is booked in your name, it cannot be changed.
I said my only complain is that i was not told the correct situation that car is not in-stock.
Sales person told me car was in-stock so i purchaseed.
Now i am not in possession of any car? despite of waiting for so many days. Since 10th August i am waiting waiting and waiting .
I was supposed to get car by 17th August, now it is already 22 August.
Now what is the use of waiting?
God knows why i chose to buy Tata Car?
It would have been better to opt for any other car. Either Maruti or Ford?
considering my idea, that i should buy a made in india car and after waiting from 2008 to buy a tata Nano, i decided in 2018 to buy a tata car.
now i got this bad experience. now i think i have been cheated. and i don’t know what is in future????
I told that you cancel that loan application. Manager told that it will cost you, there will be loss of money. i said okay i can sustain that cost, but change the car. He said there will be problem. i said ok you give away this car(Tiago XT) to any other customer. and give me Tigor XT.
because neither of the cars are in station and i have been kept on waiting forcefully and at not my fault.
it was fault of sales person. But they are not listening? what to do? Where to put my grievance? any one listening in Tata Motors


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Gaurang Katyayan misra

I am nobody on this vast globe. trying to search for my relevance for existence. Trying to read boundaries.. how to demolish them? want to walk on path of wisdom.. such as vivekananda, Ram, Krishna, Meera, kabir, Sankaracharya, rani chennama, ahilyabai holkar, Laxmi bai, umrao jaan, Rai praveen, Chanakya, SitaRam Raju, Shiva ji, lachit burfukan, Sankar Dev, list is endless

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