Where are our traditional breakfast, get ready to fight pollution


When we wake up in morning, if you are in India, then you have to follow several routines. After some point of time you need to have food. Most often we get to eat roti-chapati, poori or Paratha or else upma, poha and lots of other things. These change according to region in which you are. 
Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir Ladakh, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh &down south the typical south Indian breakfast consists of idli, vada or dosa along with chutney and sambar. Many variations of these dishes exist such as Rava idli, vada with yogurt, sambar vada and masala dosa. Other popular south Indian breakfast items are pongal, sambar rice, upma. 

But now in 21st century India we find Megacities and with that metropolitan citizens. They have become more global rather than an Indian. With that more ideas from West or other countries are coming to our India. But thing is- here in India we already have great food. That is more near to nature rather than processed food. If we emulate foreign food habits then high standard of quality control should also be followed. 

 Regional variations somehow do not matter now a days for many. When i visit Chennai (Madras) i saw poori, chola-(channa) a variety of Bhature? I had never imagined that the poori will be so popular in Chennai?  

Now a days i am finding so many malls in cities and also the delivery boys travelling with their vehicles all around the city. in all these malls various food joints are available selling lots of food items. Most famous is pizza, burger, finger chips or french fries. With that some kind of soft drinks-i saw they add lots of ice cubs in the glass. End result is that persons are drinking only water? the soft drink is diluted by the melting of ice cubes?
As the urbanisation is going on at high pace so does the food habits of foreign land are being copied by these residents. The sub-urban residents are now trying to emulate the habits of Urban or Metro citizens, mostly in copying the dressing sense and food habits. Many small shops of such third grade food are being opened at every nook and corner of streets in these new colonies. 

Thus the children are at high risk of health hazards of such junk food. the contamination in water, unsafe water, added with the use of pesticide, insecticide in vegetables, and more so the applying of chemicals for ripening of fruits, showing vegetables more green so that it looks fresh, somewhere i have also seen that some wax kind of thing is added on Apple so that it shines, but underneath is the rotting parts,  All such things are leading to a point where children will get disease or allergies or any other kind if ill effects of such adulteration.
Thus it is high time that we start thinking of using our own traditional foods and also try to think that what we get to eat is fresh and natural or organic.  

There are many options of healthy breakfast. I have tried this simple dish from green peas. Fry green peas in any edible oil but i prefer mustard oil, which is being used in our homes since centuries?, take cumin, red chili or green, cut onion, grated ginger, cut pieces of garlic, cut tomatoes, green coriander leaves. 

When mustard starts sizzling add chili, onion, garlic, grated ginger saute for few seconds, add tomatoes. after that add salt to taste. if you like add some turmeric. Turmeric is  like magic option, it is very beneficial herb. so try to use turmeric always. People say it has steroids, so what we have been using it since centuries. 
Actually people eat this dish of green peas in evenings also. Most famous thing in dish is use of thinly chopped ginger thrown over the peas and squeeze lime juice. 
We know that our mothers have always been experts in kitchen experimenting. Thus there is no harm, if we experiment with these dishes. 
Our Indian kitchen were the oldest laboratory of chemical experiments and research. Have you heard how old is the kitchen of temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri, Orissa?? almost thousands of years old is the tradition of cooking prasad in the Temple. People or historian can claim that the temple was constructed by so and so King? but can they tell actually when the cooking started at that very place? Temples after temples were constructed, reconstructed then renovated and all kings claimed for it?

Another dish which anyone or everyone can cook is that of Sabji of roti? have you heard of it?
If you have few roti or chapatis left from morning or previous night, then don’t worry. Cut onion, garlic, ginger, green chili, tomatoes as per your taste etc. add if you can add some vegetables also?
Then heat oil, put cumin seeds, onion, green chili, (but with advent of newer taste from south India that is use of curry leaves) you can add that too. fry all this till brown or little cooked. Meanwhile take roti-chapati as you call, make small pieces, when all the ingredients in cooking pan is frying add these pieces of roti. Fry for some time. Just check that roti is not over done or get burnt. Switch off the gas/stove. Take out in a plate and enjoy the dish of roti? add tomato ketchup? i added few pea nuts or groundnuts to make it more healthy.
Now a days it is common to use sauces while frying for chowmein, noodles etc. Thus one can add sauces at the time of frying roti. this will add to taste.  

    There are many options of healthy food.

I must say introduction of fast food into Indian homes has brought some laziness in our homes. 
Earlier why people were gender discriminatory? people will ask? but in those times there were no Atta chakki? to make wheat flour. Thus to make chapati ladies of every households had to wake-up early morning and crush the wheat to make flour using the stone wheels atta chakki आटा चक्की। for hours they were making flour. And to make food for whole of households was a huge task without kitchen appliances as we have now days. Blender, grinder, chopper, juice maker, oven, even we have dish washer now.
Thus while doing so much hard labour they used their bodies so much so that it was like exercising or using gym?
they were much healthy also. 

impact of junk food is very bad/disastrous.

http://www.healthline.com/health/fast-food-effects-on-body  one can find something on this website?

I feel problem is that during these many years after independence not much research has gone into the quality, calorific values for our traditional food. Even there was AYURVEDA, a ancient work of lifestyle, health but on food also? 
If one tries to search for calorie value of different food item it is easy nowdays, thanx for google search etc search engine on internet.
Now there is flood of website where different types of recipes of food are available. such as like this site:-


Why is it bad to eat junk food?
These types of food are known as junk food. They are foods that are high in calories, low in nutrients and usually contain harmful synthetic chemicals. Most junk foods are processed food; thus, they are no longer in their natural state. In addition, they are stripped of certain essential nutrients.

Why Junk Food is Bad for Your Health | EnergyFanatics.co


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