AdiBimb- a festival of Tribal dance, music & theatre

AdiBimb- this was a new name for me. I had never heard it. An ad in the Daily Telegram the daily news paper of Andaman Nicobar Islands told me that a program by this name is organised by National School of Drama, New Delhi. I would not have taken note of it, But the the name Ratan Thiyam caught my eye. I started reading the Ad from top to bottom. I read Each and every line, word by word. Such is the importance Shri Ratan Thiyam ji has in my mental space.

Years back when i heard about National School of Drama, few names used to come in front of eye. Nagpal, Tendulkar, Bavkar, Joshi, Kulkarni, Sunila Pradhan, Mohan Agase, L etc they were the actors usually i saw on TV. Then there were Habib Tanvir, Girish Karnad, Leela Naidu, Arundhati Nag, Ranjit kapoor, when Sangeet Natak Akademi gave award to Ratan Thiyam ji i saw it on Black &white doordarshan.

He was Director of National School of drama also. then almost he went to Manipur. Just like a rishi goes to Himayala for tapsaya. he went to Manipur.  There he established an academy i think. Later when this Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Manipur dance was established and i saw a dance ballet based on the story of Manipur deer- loktak ?on doordarshan. Later i came to know that Ratan Thiyam ji has revolutionized the Theatre as such and not only the Manipuri theatre. He has utilized all the Manipuri arts in theatre. I also feel all these arts have deep relations within. Be it a performing arts, visual arts, etc names can be many. But at core all are depending on each other. Thus when a production or a project is presented then all the arts, Visual- light, sound, background, set designing props that comes under stage crafts, Music, Dance and drama, Traditional martial arts which Ratan Thiyam ji has used, Weaving-Textile-Fabric arts while preparing for costumes, make up, then comes the language-it is also very important in portraying the characters, if the language and dialogues are not chosen for a character then the identity, power-potential of certain characters dilutes.  In all these aspects Ratan JI have mastery. He has vision of his own.



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Gaurang Katyayan misra

I am nobody on this vast globe. trying to search for my relevance for existence. Trying to read boundaries.. how to demolish them? want to walk on path of wisdom.. such as vivekananda, Ram, Krishna, Meera, kabir, Sankaracharya, rani chennama, ahilyabai holkar, Laxmi bai, umrao jaan, Rai praveen, Chanakya, SitaRam Raju, Shiva ji, lachit burfukan, Sankar Dev, list is endless

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