Raja Bhartihari

Have you heard about Raja Bhartihari?

He was king of Ujjain. He had other brothers. Chandragupta-II (second) dwitiya. He was a learned man. I think in those times education was must for everybody especially if you are a son of King. Thus a son of King is ought to have some kind of education so that he can RULE over his kingdom.

Thus King Bhartihari was quite educated as he had written “Niti Shatak” the triesty containing 100 Shlokas about how to govern? according to principles” or else i can put in this way that this work contained 100 sholka(s) on the principles of righteous governance.(I have not read it, but have read in books few shlokas, and these had been included in few textbooks either in Hindi or Sanskrit).

He  adored of his third wife- Pingla. Being a King he was addicted towards her. I mean it is said that even being a righteous king, he many times indicated that he was much in love of her.

Once a sage “Gorkhnath” came to his kingdom and as was the protocol King welcomed the sage with honour. The sage gave the king- Raja Bhartihari- a fruit. that fruit was said to have magical power. Sage said whoever will eat this fruit will always be “Youth” and beautifull all his age. That means ,whoever will eat that fruit will always be Young. He will never age and become old??

King took that fruit to his Palace and thought of his beloved queen. He loved his third wife -Pingla. thus he thought if i give this fruit to my wife she will always be young and beautifull all her life. Thus he gave fruit to his wife-Pingla.

Later Rani Pingla gave that fruit to Kotwal- the security incharge of the city. Since she loved him. Kotwal took that fruit to his home. And later he gave that fruit to a Nagar vadhu ” i mean a courtesan woman” whom he loved very much.

That dancing girl- or the courtesan took that fruit. She thought to herself that if seh eats this fruit then she will be young all her life. She will never age and become old. All through this she has to live a life of a courtesan and will have to entertain all these men including that Kotwal. She did not want to liev that cursed life. She wanted to shed away that life of  a woman of that type. She collected all her thoughts and considered the King as most suitable person for this kind of fruit.

She took that fruit to the kIng and told him that She thinks you- the King- Raja Bhartihari, the most righteous king is most suitable person of such type of fruit. If King eats this fruit then he will be youhtfull and young for all his life and thus can rule this kingdom as all people need you as king, as saviour of kingdom.

King was shocked to get that fruit from that courtesan and asked “from where you got this fruit? She told that the Kotwal gave her this fruit.

Later King got hold of that kotwal and asked about the fruit. It came out that Queen Pingla gave that fruit to him.

Next moment King Bhartihari left all materialistic things and became a SADHU, SANYASI or VANVASI- a Tyagi. or we can it that he took the Vairagya.

He gave his throne to Chandragupta-II ( Dwitiya) who had later assumed the title of Vikramaditya.

Later wandering raja Bhartihari tried to become a disciple of Guru Gorkhnath. Becoming a disciple was a hard path full of thorns, it was not easy. He had to pass many examinations. Later passing of all examinations Gorakhnath accepted him as his disciple. Later Raja Bhartihari wrote many shataks (works of 100 shlokas).

A Cave situated near Ujjain is said to be the place where Raja Bhartihari stayed and did tapasya for 12 years.

wakya-padiya is said to be written by Raja Bhartihari. this work is relate to the Grammar.

He wrote

NITI shataka

Shatakatreya (3 works of 100 shlokas each) containing Shringara, Vairagya & Niti

Vakyapadiay- the work of language, science of “Sentences”

I don’t remember but there was one lesson on poems of Bhartihari in our Hindi class book in Kendriya vidyalaya.

there were many great kings about whom we were taught in class books.

Raja Shivi, Raja Harishchandr




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