Thyagraj Aradhana Festival and Bangalore Nagarathana

There is a famous trinity, called as trinity of carnatic Music. The trio Tyāgarāja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri.

Later on in early 20th century trio of MS, DKP, MLV were known as the trinity of carnatic music.
These three women singers broke away the traditions and established new trends and established themselves as path breaker. Since in  earlier times women singers were not allowed to sing on stage and several restriction were there. Pallavi was one among them. DKP borke this tradition.She established herself as a finest Pallavi singer also.
MS the famous M Subbulakhsmi ji, other is D K Pattamal ji, third is ML Vasantakumari ji. Together they were known as Trinity of carnatic vocal music.
But still i doubt why the T Brinda and Mukta ji were left out??

Now the matter is that Thyagraj Annual Aradhna was on Saturday, January 2015. This is being broadcasted by the Doordarshan for quite many years now. I had been watching it since many years. When I was at IIT Kanpur i got to see many times this direct telecast. Many stalwarts of music performed together at this Thyagraj Aradhana, siting in front of the temple. I had seen MS performed there. Once i saw VaijayantiMala ji (that time she was MP), Several other Semagudi Srinivas Iyer, Many more……list is long.

Bangalore Nagarathna

This year also in Jan 2015 i was able to see it. There were so many musicians. The main attraction for me has been that many musicians all together join and sing at the Aradhana. Though the temple is said to be built by a great women singer Bangalore Nagarathna, the member of a great tradition of women community, who with lot of devotion, determination and discipline have preserved our great musical heritage. It is irony that today we feel proud of this musical heritage, but do not give credit to those women.Thus Bangalore Nagarathna spent all her wealth to buy the land and built a temple for Thyagraj. But she was not allowed to sing and offer her music aradhana in front of temple!!!! what an irony.??
This year i saw Umaylapore Srinivas playing Mrindangam, Famous face was of Smt Sudha Ragunath.
There were hordes of people attending this Aradhana. Old women, senior Artists all sat together with few upcoming artists and few students. There were few small girls sitting just next to senior ladies. Few people were seen standing. Most senior was Umaylapuram Srinivas ji, I could recognise him since I had seen him and his program on TV for many years now.

These pictures were taken by me while watching the program of Thyagaraj Aradhana on Doordarshan. Thus may not be very clear. I ask everyone to forgive me for any mistake if I have made by posting these pictures.


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