Dances on TV and their viewing – my view only

For many years I tried to copy a dance step, which I saw in film Kalpana. The dancer did fly doing steps. The famous duo of sisters Ragini and Padmini did the song “Tu hai mera Prem Devta” in film Kalpana. But I did try for few years then gave up since I could not do it. Later as I grew up and came to know that the films are made edited, and now effects are inserted by computer. In film Avatar we could see the partial Human and partial aliens. The set on which the dance of film Kalpana was shot was superb. I think what they might have done with it. Whether they broke it down?. I think they must have conserved it. It was a work of ART. The SHIVA statue and the wall fresco with engraved sculptures, all were superb. 

Both the characters were in a competition and offering their Kalaa tapasya (the art of dance) to the God. And from that dancer whose dance the lord wakeup will be the winner. There are two Bhaav. One is the swift, energetic and proud of itself. The other one is as we call Dheer-Gambeer, the serious full of Bhakti and devotion towards the lord. The chirrupy was portrayed through the GANGA, who is always considered as full of energy and proud of her own power. The other was portrayed through GAURI the consort of Shiva who is always devoted to the Lord SHIVA, A true Bhakti. When we see the dancers, one can immediately gets glimpses of their mood and kind of personality. First is the dress and second is the body movement. The Ragini ji has assumed the Ganga, who is always energetic. The ornaments and the dress were matching to the personality of Ganga-who is full of power and proud-ness and shows this by her movements. As I have read in the story of Ganga avataran. Shiva knew this side of hers. That’s why he was ready and alert to protect others from drowning by the power of Ganga, which she intended before coming down. But the power was brought under control by the Lord Shiva’s long traces of hairs. That means scientifically speaking the Turbulence force was controlled by the putting enough small channels so that the force is diverted in many directions and not in one channel. Like to distribute the one gushing river water into many smaller canals so that water gets distributed in these smaller channels and does not effect much in the main river.

The other dancer was dressed in a well manner not too loud and not too flashy. Padmini ji portrayed the Dheer Gambheer and devotion with her movements. Both of them were great and very learned artists. They were the part of Trio known as Travancore (trio)sisters. I read in the illustrated weekly a news article about them many years back (almost 30 years). I still don’t remember much about Lalita ji the third sister member of trio.
The backdrop was also powerfull and made its impact on the aesthetics, and well accompanied the dance sequences; the camera was all through made us to see whatever was possible with the techniques. Remember at those time the technology available to those camera man. They have done the impossible job. Since they thought differently and tried to bring the imagination alive for us. They succeeded in their work. I salute all those involved in making these songs, picturisation, writers, screenplay etc.
I remember a day when I had gone to house of Dolly didi with one of my distant cousin. She was classmate of Dolly didi. In Chakravarty they had a tape recorder. They played the song “Tumko dil diya itni naaz se”. On hearing The song immediately started dancing(inside somewhere) not in their home. The beats and the sound of music was so powerfull that one cannot resist swaying with the beats.  Later one day I saw it in chitrahaar on Doordarshan.  Ragini and Helen ji were there in the dance. They did superb job. I don’t imagine anybody finding any fault with their dancing. Remember in those days when technology was not so advanced.
  Both the Ragini and Helen ji have done perfect job. The Choreography was excellent and the music was mind blowing. Anybody who has inclination to the good music will certainly praise the way the play of beats was brought out in this song and over that the dance steps to meet the beats was also a tough job. The song is pleasant on ears but the dance was very difficult to choreograph. I don’t know whether in those days any award was given to choreography and costume etc. This dance was one of the most suited for the top slot.
But still till day I remember and keep remembering the day when I heard the song on tape recorder of Dolly didi at Type two, IIT Kanpur. I am thankfull to them for letting me hear that song. I hope that Smt Shanta Serbjit Singh reads this page and comment on it’s contents. I consider her as the first Guru, who through her articles on Dance in newspaper always inspired me. And More so living at Kanpur I got the news of happenings in Dance scene. There was no question my going everywhere just see DANCE. As a boy I was expected to study and become someone and not a naachwala or nautanki wala etc.

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