IT was a dream to see the Bhopal for the Rashtriya Manav sangrahalaya, the Rang Bhavan, The Begum Bhopal’ heritage and legacy, the BHOJ Shala and all that which I became aware during my continued path of education.
IT was certainly a gift of GOD that I could visit the Bhopal, but alas, as foolish I am, due to laziness I could not utilize much of opportunity provided by the Almighty. I cannot complain to him about that.
SO what, I could actually breathe the air of the place. Was that anything less for me? NO it was great to feel the same air, the same sky, and the same vibrations as those people felt. By that I mean the Begum Bhopals (there were many of them), May be the Kings like raja Bhoj, The city I loved, where the shooting of the film the CUSTODY of Ismail merchant was done(as much as I know). The Bhopal is similar to Bhoj Pal.  Isn’t it?
The temple at high-rise in Bhoj pur (sala), no doubt, is of ancient origin. It looked to me as an assembled one. The etchings on the nearby rocks show some kind of the design plan for the temple and its different angles. The designs of arches, pillars etc are also drawn on the rocks. But Pity. After having known this temple for such a long time no steps have been taken to protect those engraving on rock from the onslaught of the weather. When I saw it Many drawings have faded and more are going to be washed by rains and destroyed by heat(may be).
At least few temp. sheds could have been erected on those engravings. Ironically there was an old looking building. Which as local people told it was a kind of guesthouse, where high privileged visited. If that is not correct then of course huge fund had been utilized in making these unused brick structures and on the other side the important engraving were left open under the sky.
Early in childhood I used to read the AMAR chitra Katha, stories of Raja Bhoj, Chandragupta Vikramaditya (both the pratham and dwiteeya). Now we get confused as who is who and what each has done and what each of them has significance to the Indian History.
Then there was a young child named Shalivahana, who, as legend goes, was born to an eight year old girl. Some “shraap” was on the Vikramaditya-I that a boy born to an eight-year girl would kill him. Legend has it that a “pot maker” or Potter, not the Harry potter, raised the boy and his mother.
The boy grew up amongst the commoners (at that time) and not in the elite class. He fought with the mighty king-The Vikramaditya-I. He is credited to introduce the language of the commoners into the court of the Kings. Earlier the language of God- the Sanskrit- was the court language. (the place is now taken by the elite English now days).   Which was never done before. As, the Shalivahana was a common man of that time, with lots of common sense. So he introduced it for the benefit of all.

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Gaurang Katyayan misra

I am nobody on this vast globe. trying to search for my relevance for existence. Trying to read boundaries.. how to demolish them? want to walk on path of wisdom.. such as vivekananda, Ram, Krishna, Meera, kabir, Sankaracharya, rani chennama, ahilyabai holkar, Laxmi bai, umrao jaan, Rai praveen, Chanakya, SitaRam Raju, Shiva ji, lachit burfukan, Sankar Dev, list is endless

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