HOT soup

Watching these mouth watering cookery shows, i think if i can do the same.
respected all the cook show presenters Nigella, Kylie, James, FLoyd, Madhur,  Curtis add if i left anybody here, what they do is put lot of green vegitables. Few even just take it and put in the cooking pot. But being in the place where we live, It becomes impossible for me to use so much green. Once Nigella poured the entire packet of spinach straight into the pan.  I just cannot imagine doing here.
Nowdays in TV we get to see how dirty the veg markets are. The farmers are using PESTICIDES, FERTILIZERS, INSECTICIDES, Now in the age of Science and Information technology farmers or traders are puting even PRESERVATIVEs. not only that HARMONAL injections, COLORing agents to keep the vegitables Saleable. To add it more, the Ayurveda TSUNAMI came into India. So everybody is going green. Sweet gaurds, Bitter gaurds and lots of other herbs and medicinal plants are in demand and if I may say so these things are being tailaor made nowdays. 

Reciepe of a HOT SOUP

So what I just did is:-

Take few cubes or peices of carrots, beetroot, green peas, Onion (skiined and choped in four pieces), Ginger (diced) or crushed, one or two cloves of garlic, Green chilies( as per your limits !!!!) , Properly washed Corriander (i avoid it though- but my wife insist to use it), Tomato etc as per your need.
Put every thing into a pressure cooker (why??- just to save fuel).  just pressure cook, not completely but prematurely- only one whistle.

I also add cumin, HEENG, fenugreek seeds, dry coriander powder (half spoon- only few people like it), cloves, Black Pepper (few kernels as per taste or liking) into the pressure cooker.

Take out all the half cooked things. Just grind it, or using blender, grinder, mixer as the termonlogy suits.

Put a WOK on stove. pour oil of choice.  When oil heats put Mustard seeds, cumin, few fenugreek seeds.
if you like one can add masala, garam or curry masala, dry ginger powder. On cracking, add the paste from  the blender.  Add salt to taste.

few small pieces of fried bread. to float
Mint leaves
Basil leaves- but here in India we dont use Basil while cooking soups etc
Butter or cheese (which is a tofu of kind)

If anyone wants ONLY TOMATO SOUP then remove all other veg and add only tomatoes.


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Gaurang Katyayan misra

I am nobody on this vast globe. trying to search for my relevance for existence. Trying to read boundaries.. how to demolish them? want to walk on path of wisdom.. such as vivekananda, Ram, Krishna, Meera, kabir, Sankaracharya, rani chennama, ahilyabai holkar, Laxmi bai, umrao jaan, Rai praveen, Chanakya, SitaRam Raju, Shiva ji, lachit burfukan, Sankar Dev, list is endless

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