family dilema inherited from father to son

As I am suffering through the dilemma, confusion, frustration, depression often which results in heated exchange of words at home on such topic which actually is non existent. The topic is “Which car should we buy” when I say “WE” then obviously my family members come in picture. This include my wife, my son of 9 years old and me. This is happening for the last three years. And dream to buy a car came to me before my son was born in 2001. I thought of purchasing a car then on loan so that when son comes in this world then I can have a car so that mother and child face no problem in transport. But due to lack of power of taking decision this was delayed unduly. Now I feel much depressed. Often while discussing say that i will buy a TATA NANO, to this my family don not agree. Son says buy a Scorpio or travera but wife says that buy some decent car like wagon R Honda etc. to which I submit my argument that since we need a small car for small family and that too our usage is also less, From home to his school then office and back home or sometime to market only. That, do not require a heavy or heavy duty vehicle. Nor do I require a status statement. I once said that I can buy a small vehicle launched by the mahindra of Rs 1.60 lakhs which can be used for dropping you to school and other use. Everybody laughed at me.
Years back the same dilema my father must have had faced. In 1982 when for the first time a black n white TV set was purchased by my father. (in those days the white and black was considered the priced commodity and sooner it became a status symbol also.) I remember when we used to watch Tv that too a black and white at the house of Mr Dube, at TYPE ONE in IIT Kanpur Campus. Whole of our locality lads would gather in front of their window, since that was only means to watch the TV not everyone could go inside their house and see the TV. Some times they were graciuos enough to put the TV set in the house gallery so that whole of the lads could see while siting at the doorstep and near ladder.
Thanx to the Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi and her team and the scientist at ISRO to launch the statelite. Due to that only we could see the direct telecast and our India. Prior to that we were not able to see India inside our drawing or living room, whatever we call it nowdays. the terminology changes in years. eralier it was called the drawing room then the living room concept came in.
the very first programme we could see in the year 1982 was a programme on the nightingale of India Smt Norrjahan came to mumbai and sang to the audience, Awaj de to kahan hai. Great Heritage NUSHAD would say kyun the male sound in the song. She had said then that she had only one wish after partition and that was that to get a chance to see the DILIP least once. It was black n white TV but the whole screen wa glitering with different vibrant colors. stars in her saree were dazzling all over the ornaments were shining at all her moves. She looked very beutifull at that age also. That was the one programme I stiil remember. Great Rajkumari also sang there and lot of other were ther.
However the thing is that the great dilema which my father must have faced was as to how to buy a TV which costed much and having such a large family how to manage so much rupees. these rupees could have feeded us for one month atleast as far as I imagine.
It brings tear in my eyes as to how my father had agreed to buy a TV. I remember when we grew we used to come from TYPE ONE to TYPE TWO to mr MATHUR’s house to watch the Sunday Movie on doordarshan. And all the restriction attached to it like the sofa should not get spoilt the cloth cover should not shift from its place etc etc and where to sit in the room was also decided by the host family. the distance from my house to their must have been approx one Kilometer. WE had to walk all the way to see the TV.
Since 1982 when i was in class eleven i got chance to TUNE in the doordarshan. Means I could touch the buttons of my TV set at Home. It was realy a priced possesion for us then. UPTRON was our brand name.
Now my 8 year old son says search the von braun through the google at my mobile phone using the GPRS. Still i dont have courage to purchase a LAPTOP or DESKTOP. I mean i am unable to invest the 40K at a single go. this is huge amount for me. i think traits i have inherited. time has changed. Outlook alos changes. but my PSYCHE has not changed.
many a times i decided to purchase laptop. but recently when i checked the DELL site it announced the i5 chip series  at the same price of earlier core2duo. Again the dilema buzzed me. shall i invest in i3 or i5 or still t6600 is good enough to invest in. the thing is that as time passes by i will not be able to purchase a laptop. still i will be in dilema.


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Gaurang Katyayan misra

I am nobody on this vast globe. trying to search for my relevance for existence. Trying to read boundaries.. how to demolish them? want to walk on path of wisdom.. such as vivekananda, Ram, Krishna, Meera, kabir, Sankaracharya, rani chennama, ahilyabai holkar, Laxmi bai, umrao jaan, Rai praveen, Chanakya, SitaRam Raju, Shiva ji, lachit burfukan, Sankar Dev, list is endless

3 thoughts on “family dilema inherited from father to son”

  1. Gaurang.

    How come we did not cross ways at KVIIT K in 1983 and met only at RYLA? Anyway – it is wonderful to be back in touch again.

    Your blog is so REAL…and true. Will try to call and talk to you when I am back in India.



  2. Dear Gaurang! U have a very emotional dilemma and very sad to know that u r facing this for such a long time. The solution for ur problems, what I guess the best for you is: –
    1. Buying a car – Every year Maruti floats lottery for such people. They hardly charge 500 bucks per ticket. Try until u will succeed. If u r not satisfied with lottery then take a car loan and buy i10. And kick the dilemma for once and all.
    2. Buying a laptop – Thanx to Kapil Sibal who has launched Akash for Rs.2500 buy and enjoy. If u r not satisfied with tablet then buy a sony vaio laptop i3,LED screen, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD cost u Rs.32000. Please don't be in dilemma.


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