The Diva- one and only Sitara Devi ji….nritya samragyi; queen of kathak

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In each and every frame here one can find the bright spirit which comes alive the moment you see it. Not only for women’s day but for my respect and remembrance i thought to “google” (as this word has become synonym for search) some of the images of our great star. Thus from those thousands of pic i selected and copied from the pictures available on the net. and pasted here. i wish i can write a small booklet on her. (i will try on net) each frame tells a story thus that story i will imagine and try to write, or express in my way. but for now, the women’s day she is the true symbol to pay respect towards her.

CHILD ABUSE at home : Child sexual abuse, what can we call it?

While sleeping i felt something unusual. I tried to figure out, But deep in sleep i could not. I felt a human body beside me and thus clinging to that warm body I slept again. Now i know how it is dangerous to fall fast asleep.

He after applying his liquid kisses on me, tried to take me into his tight embrace. I also put my arms around him. He was so pleased by this that again he gave me his liquid kisses. He uses his toungue to lick my cheeks.Putting his lips on my cheeks, he sucks my cheeks tightly. He then as if assuring me tried to caress all over my head, my body and planted kiss on my forehead. 

After that whenever i felt something i would move. He immediately took me into his grip of arms. presented kisses as if saying don’t worry, everything is ok. for assurance i had bounty of his liquid kisses on me. He many times would say “good child”.

I had picked up habit of imitating him. Whatever he did i did try to do same. He used to kiss on my body, forehead, cheeks, neck eyes, i also tried to copy him and tried to cling to him and try to kiss him on his chest and his cheek. When he moved his body towards me then i kissed him. I also imitated him by placing my arms around him.

he was kissing me all over, his chest was on my mouth suddenly his nipples were exactly on my mouth so his nipple came into my mouth and I tried to put lips on them. He liked it. Then he moved towards me and adjusted me so that my mouth be placed towards his chest and that point i put his nipple in my mouth. He liked it. Actually he was trying to adjust himself so that I can do it again on him. He gone mad at that time with lots of groaning moaning sounds, and he madly kissed me again and again. he just ate my cheeks as if he will puncture my cheeks. My cheeks were full of his saliva. he rolled this warm toungue all over my cheeks and face. he sucked cheeks strongly. Whole of my cheeks he pulled by making vacuum inside his mouth.

when i tried to suck his nipple he laughed. i heard him laugh in that darkness. My ears were full of thumping sounds of my heart and his heart. His chest was close to my face. He was taller than me. Then he lifted his leg and put on me as if keeping me under his control. After I slept i didnt know what happened and when he came and when he untied his cloths. But When he put his leg on me then the touch of his skin and flesh told me that he had removed his dhoti (cloths).

While lying he turned half-way towards me placing his leg on me. My hand was between his leg and my body. when he kept his leg on me, my hand touched his thighs. he lifted his leg and adjusted himself so that my hand touch him where both of his leg meet. He pressed his arms around me tightly, he pushed me down and funny thing was that he presented many kisses.

Again while sleeping in this posture suddenly some movements woke me up. my hand found that he had loosened his loin cloth and he was rubbing himself against my body. there it was, a very hard erect thing. He might have also known that i have woken-up so he again encircled me with his strong arms and pulled towards his chest and tried to assure with soft kisses and started licking me. he guided my hand with his hand. he held my hand and placed it around that pulpy tube like organ, he guided my palm to grip it and then he made some movements. By All that he meant as to tell me what to do??

My palm touched that stiff, erect hard thing. what was it? A hard fleshy thing. he guided my hand to do whatever he wanted.

He started moaning. he suddenly took me into his tight grip OF ARMS as if i thought he will break my bones. But he did not forget his liquid kisses. I was made to turn halfway, now i was completely in his grip. He started rubbing vigorously his belly against me. I think he knew that i loved his liquid kisses, thus whenever i tried to stop him,  softening his grips he kissed me with his saliva kisses. 

Something happened to me. I also put my arms around him. he pressed me close to him. he tightened his arms around me and with more force he thrust his belly on me. After that when i tried to move away he would just soften his arms and when i again start sleeping he would again do something

All few days all this touching thing went on. 

that day also he stayed in my house.  Strangely i was sleeping, something happened, since by now i had become habitual of this body touching and tight grips. thus thinking that something happening as usual, carelessly i just put my arms also around him and slept.

I felt some pressure, he kissed me. Today he was at my back. I tried to turn but he forcefully stoped me. Strong arms encircled me. He was partly naked. i felt his bare chest at my back. That was a December night. Inside the quilt he had removed his cloths and my kurta also. at my back i was feeling his skin.

when he applied force that time i might have woken up, he then forcefully took me into arms and was thrusting his belly into my back.  He had traped me in his arms, he caressed all over my body. he surveyed my back. When he forcefully pressed his belly into my back i was shocked. there he had applied his saliva, at that moment when he thrust his organ into me. When his raw flesh (devil) touched on that spot and when he applied saliva i was blown into pieces. He thrusted his fly and pressed against me. his organ was trying to pierce into me. He was halfway through. with full force I moved a little and came out of bed and failed his attempts.

That night changed me for forever. 

This incident brought some of the previous memories to fore, which by the time i had forgotten.

These happened when i was i think 6 or 7 years old.

in one dark night I woke-up due to some unknown sensation growing in my lower part, I found one of my cousin lying beside me. He was much elder to me. he was doing some movements holding me.  i felt some wet sensation. he was directing my arm to hold in grip a slippery tube like bulbous structure, he was holding my hand and making my hand to do some to and from movements with speed. After some time some strong smashing jerks felt by my hand. I could not see anything since it was a darkest night, i have ever known. then he took me somewhere to another place. When he placed me on that bed i found there was another naked body (man) was lying, suddenly my skin touched that man’s body, i felt his skin.  It was a big body and well built. He took me into his arms, gently. Despite of a tough body he was gentle enough to kiss me several times. This was amazing kiss i ever had. i never had such type of kiss ever before. He adjusted me beside him on his bed. My cousin who took me on that bed went back. This BIG body which was naked, kept his arms around me as if i am a petite little chicken who has to be treated softly. he made me to cling to his body with his strong big arms. Immediately He made my left palm to hold something. It was much more magnificent than my cousin’s organ, hard, bulbous, smooth silky, wet, and erect with warmth. It also had some jerky motion within, only missing thing was that i could not see it. There was complete darkness of night. nothing was visible. He was holding me in arms while offering kisses. Body was wet with sweat. But that thing was much more longer than my palm. While i was guessing what this long thing is? He squeezed me, climbed on me, I felt crushed under his huge body and he was doing all his jumping motion on me, i wanted to run out ..he held me strongly under his body. He was strong built… I tried to run out of the that he said what happened my child? where are you going?  

he was a tenant in my grandmother house. that night my grandmother was not at home. she had gone to attend a pooja at neighbour’s house which usually they do in the NAVRATRI days. Devi Jagran.

Then whenever i felt something unusual thing while sleeping i found my cousin doing something at my front While taking nap in the summer afternoons, he used to come on bed and lay beside me. I was staying alone with grandmother. In afternoons it used to be complete barren time. Everybody would sleep. He wore just a cloth around his he was completely naked. encircling my body with his hand around me. he wud make my hand to take his organ in grip. and to do some movement over it. 

was this not child molestation, where i could have complained, these persons were known to me, trusted persons.

That person who recently did this to me was Elder to me.

He used to stay in our house whenever he used to go city for his job. He always got chance to stay at our house. By touching and praising he made my body accustomed to his TOUCH. then slowly he had graduated on to sneaking into my bed at Nights. Then he made me feel his kisses, liquid and warm kisses, gradually he introduced me to his bare body, his strong arms, He used to encircle me in his tight grip of arms.

Then after wards he made me touch his bare Chest. And i don’t know how he made me to touch his nipples by my mouth and all through this i just tried to imitate all his actions. Gradually he used to lay beside me naked. few nights he just cling me to his bare body thus he made me to like his touch of his body. he then untied his lion cloths and made my hand to touch his private parts. slowly after few days he tried to forcefully press his body against my body. with his arms he pulled me towards his body. Slowly he made my body to start liking his applying force on me….. then found that he started playing with my front and back with his hand. Many times he tried to enter his organ inside me with force but at first i tried to resist and successfully ran out of bed. But gradually he became violent in applying force. But when he found me sleeping and he pushed through his organ at my back and he did apply his saliva so as to make it slippery and just was halfway through. I stoped him and ran out to save myself. But hurt was done.

even after so many years of my life those acts and touch and that piercing act of his after applying saliva all that just dont leave me, they come all over again to me. What i can do?

Queue- a known word for common man in India? so ingrained in us

Queue now has become a problem and an issue for opposition. For the last 70 years common man has seen nothing but a Queue?

When I used to go to Ration shop often there was a long queue, very often we found shop closed and we never got to know when next it will be open? So that I can come on that day. we never complained? ration7

From type one quarters to IITK gate I useration8d to go to get ration, wheat, sugar etc. Lucky were those who got/found shop open. But can you ask few oppositiration6on leaders when they stood in Queue in front of Ration shops in Jharkhand, Orrissa, Rural UP. Where tribal villagers walked few kms to get ration but find that ration shop is closed. Few people had died in Kalahandi due to hunger/starvation. Whether that time opposition leaders went to stand in Queue in that ration shop to show solidarity with people. Or is that they know only Parliament street. Whether any leader tried to walk in Kalahandi villages to reach a ration shop along with tribal/villagers? Have they not seen such scenes earlier, as shown in these pictures here? For them such scenes did not exist or never existed??

ration2Are not these scenes at Ration shops commration1on for the past 70 years?ration4










I have grown up looking such long queues all my life.

If I have to travel by train during the summer vacations, I get a high fever on just imagining of standing a queue. I go to the Railway reservation counter at Charbagh railway station when I am in Lucknow, or to the Rawatpur or central Kanpur station in Kanpur. If you reach early by 7 Am you cavt2n get a place in many queues. As there are many counters in that railways station. At Lucknow we have reservation on two sides of the Railway station. I
had been to the New Delhi Railway Reservation counter. I also got the chance to stand in a queue at Svt1arojini Nagar rail reservation counter. Similarly I had to stand at Some place I don’t remember? I think Rithala near Rohini when I went to my relative’s house in Delhi. All these places I have seen large crowds. I had the chance to spend long hours standing in queue to get railway reservation. Now very recently they have opened a Rail Reservation counter at IIT Kanpur Gate, which was not when I was in Kanpur. I get heart attack while thinking about my experience at Railway Reservation counters at Madras Railway Station and Calcutta. Multistorey building was there but huge crowd was also there.

As soon as you reach Howrah Railway station you have to rush out to get a Pre-Paid Taxi. There also i 30methowrah10have to stand in a queue to wait for my turn.

Or when you reach to the platform from which your train is supposed to leave. I see a huge crowd all around me. Such as in these pictures.vt4vt3


When you reach any super market or some dedicated taxi stand, you may find a long queue of taxi or autos. There also you have to wait for your turn to catch an Auto or a Taxi.

But in general queue is a normal scene everywhere.



I have seen long queues at many places often at the railway crossings. There all traffic stand still till a train passes. Many times it so happened that gates were closed for hours together. that time all law and order situation becomes very bad.

When I was unemployed, often I had to go to Banks to get a Bank draft. If you reach early, by early I mean early to 8 AM then you can think of getting bank draft earlier by 12 or noon. Sometimes bank employees used to ask us to come at 3pm by that time our bank draft was ready. It was later that reforms were introduced and few persons were authorized to sign the bank draft, then onward we used to get bank draft early.


While filling the forms for CPMT or JEE exams there used to be large crowd at bank gate. I am talking about 1980s. At gate huge rush almost crushed into the grilled gate of bank, if you are lucky you can enter without any harm to body. below is the scene at Post office, where unemployed standing to submit the application forms.application-forms

After filling those forms for examinations I used to go the Head Post Office at Barachauraha, Kanpur. At the speed post counter in the Post Office I had to face a big Queue. If they told to bring stamps then I had to stand in the queue for stamps. Later I came to know about Postal orders. There also I had to stand in a queue.

Most important was Hospital. I don’t think anyone can say that he has seen a hospital without any queue?? Now I am telling the scene not very back, but of most recent days 2004 or 2005. Doctor prescribed for blood test fasting. I reached the GB Pant Hospital. I saw a big crowd at 8 AM at the 18bghassan-hospital_506435eblood collection centre. I reached at 8 AM because I was told that blood will be collected at 8 AM. But I fainted at the sight of a big crowd.

Next day I reached at 7 AM, I was late there. As almost 50 or 60 persons were already there before me. I stood in that queue. After wait of almost 2 hours, that counter opened and a person start
ed writing in register and started giving a test tube type thing. When I reached at counter it was almost 9.30  or 10 AM. Then whole of this crowd reached in that room where people were collecting the blood sample. Of course there was this queue. Cut off time for collection of blood sample is 10.30 AM. If I had to give two samples then I am asked to come after 1 and half hour after taking food. Thus if a person had to give his blood sample without taking a sip of water or tea and able to give his blood sample at 10 AM, think of the time he has to WAIT and all tgtb-crowdhis in a queue. Then, again in a queue to give second sample of blood. After that for taking report next day again one has to stand in a queue.

Now to get my son seen by a Doctor I had to phone in pvt clinic at 6 AM. Then I got the number of 25? When This 25 will come I didn’t know? I went there at 12 in noon but the number was not near.

We stood in a queue and waited for our turn that came around 1.30. all these years I had to stand in queue for almost three hours in the GB Pant Hospital. Dr Bharadwaj was the specialist and we wanted to consult him. As he was the only one child specialist in GB Pant Hospital that time in whom we can believe. Wait of 3 or 4 hours standing in queue was nothing for us at that time.


I wanted to consult an ortho surgeon at GB Pant Hospital as my wife is suffering of back pain for many years now. I had to reach at Hospital at 7 AM or earlier. As when I reached at 7 AM I found few persons already occupying some places in a queue. They told they had come at 5.30 AM. I waited there in a queue. At around 8 or 8.15 a person in white uniform came and started writing in a register and giving a token number. Then If I am lucky or I had reached early then I can get token number of starting numbers or one digit. Very often I get 15 or 20 token number. AT 9 AM doctor reached. He had to struggle through the crowd to make way into his room. I reached at hospital at around 10.30 AM considering that token number of 15 or 20 will be now ready in queue to go inside the cabin of doctor. To my surprise huge crowd was still there and I could not enter even if waiting for an hour. I did not try to enter room of doctor by PROCLAIMING that I am a director or having a high post. I thought God will see that I am crossing line and number of these patients. This quality of mine is a huge negative aspect of my personality in eyes of my wife? As I am unable to impress anyone in Hospital so that he can help me in entering doctor’s cabin.

Thus along wait of few hours I am able to enter the room of doctor. If He says go for X-Ray, Ultrasound etc then again I have to face a long queue.

Once doc told to get Ultrasound done. I went to that room there nurse scolded me and later asked me to come after one month as dates are not available. I was taken aback. How come they can ask patient to come after one month, how the patient can survive pain. Next day I talked to someone, he in turn must have told something to that nurse. I was asked to come next morning early. I reached there on third day. Then I got Ultrasound done.

When you enter GB Pant Hospital, you have to stand in a queue to get your registration done. From there you have to go to the opd number there if they have token system then you have to get your name registered and get a token. Or you simply stand in queue in front of that doctor’s cabin. After doctor written prescription of medicine you have to move to the pharmacy area. There you have to stand in a long queue to get your name registered called “Data entry”. After that you have to stand again in a long queue to get those medicines. If the crepe bandage is prescribed you have to go to the room number one. There a nurse on duty will give you the crepe bandage. Ideally we are so accustomed to the queue culture.

In college also at Kanpur University lot of students had to stand in a queue either to get admission forms, then to submit filled in forms, or to get Admit cards etc. I stood in queue to submit form for Re-Evaluation at Kanpur University.

Later I went to Employment registration building. It was on the road leading from Gol Chauraha towards gumti number 5 or hospital. On the right side there is a building after crossing the railway track which comes from Rawatpur Railway Station and goes to central railways station? Or Anwargunj? I saw a huge crowd and a queue to get forms or to submit forms. Someone told me that you can register you name in the University employment bureau. I went to Employment Bureau at Kanpur University. There was little less crowd of unemployed. I was surprised that clerk there asked straightforward some tip for registering. He also said that make arrangement for tea snack etc. by signalling with thumb and figure the usual gesture for asking money. I told him some false storey, about one Mr Mishra working in Employment Bureau. I told he is my relative and he had asked me to come so that we can go to attend a marriage in Lucknow. I had read a card on Mr Mishra’s table. Similar card was also in my home. I thought since cards r same then he might have been somehow related to my family. I cooked up a story and told that person same. I don’t remember now what was his name? Mr srivastav or some? It is during 1990s. As soon as he came to know about this he immediately called me and registered my name and specifically told me that we offer this service without any cost or fees? Early some time back he gone out of his room to have tea, and signalled me to go or wait till they had their tea. But I continued to talk with him till he reached the tea stall.  That’s how I got my name registered in the Kanpur University Employment Bureau, Without standing in a queue.

Earlier Water did not reach every village even after 70 years of Independence. If water reached any colony then scene in picture below was the usual scene, specially as we see in Tv serials. But such scenes are real and we or I have seen every day. Recently New Govt came to power in Delhi. What they have changed. In Delhi also such queues used to exists for getting drinking water.


bank4Still very recently I have seen the crowd never reduced in Banks. Either to deposit or to withdrawal or just to print the balance sheet in the pass book Or to get the FD done always I have to stand in a queue. I had account in SBI Port Blair. There was time when we were asked to submit details for KYC. Huge crowd I have seen, but what to do? I had to stand in a queue to submit my papers for KYC.

भारत मे कही भी जाओ तो लम्बी ला इन मिलेगी. तो इस मे ऐसा नया क्या हो गया है कि सभी लोग तिलिमिला गये हैं सत्तर साल से यही देख रहे थे तो कुछ नही कहा या किया कभी उदीसा गये थे र राशन की लम्बी लाइन मे लगने

So the word queue has been ingrained in our psychic space. What’s harm if I stand in queue now? To get money exchanged??

Govardhan Pooja or Go(vansh) vardhan pooja???

Mount Govardhan represents Nature, Cow represents Society/community. thus it is the celebration of mother Nature in purest form. Today every household member has to cook together, respect and serve the Cow in form of pooja. Cow represents the basis of economy of agrarian society. Thus together the sustainable Agriculture & livestock form the basis of growth of economy. What is wrong in this festival? it’s a great festival celebrated in India from centuries…Celeberate and Be natural/original but a civilized Human being



Today is second day of Diwali, actually first day after the Amavasya (black night-Dark night- no moon). Moon of first day will be there in sky today night. Usual 14 day Lunar cycle. How long it has been so in existent in our country? no body knows? A mystery for many. Whether Aryabhatt, Bhaskaracharya, Bhaskar-I, Brahmagupta, Or Rishi Katyayan or much more earlier times? I am blank since i dont know much of SANSKRIT, So how do I cross check? or how do i do research, where to refer to? which library has such collection so that i can know exact date when someone from this part of EARTH has invented the Lunar cycle? So called new scientist Mathematician of today’s time laugh at this idea of seraching the source where it all started? Who was he? If some one says that he was a Jyotishi or Acharya? they laugh…

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Smita Patil

स्मिता पाटिल Smita Patil, the sound immediately project an smiling face with big eyes, full of ocean of emotions. That’s how I remember her.

Eyes were full of honesty, kind heart, jovial and down to earth persona. This is my opinion about someone who has left this bhoolok and went to heavenly abode so early. Lots of challenges were ahead for her, she had the potential.

Years back when the TV came in our house in 1982, we saw her on screen. Songs of Bazaar were featured in chitrahaar on Doordarshan. 

I had read somewhere that in film Bazaar Supriya Pathak appeared without much facial make up. Smita Ji was there in that film with Naseerudin shah.(?) Later I saw the Bhumika, 
since it was story with songs & dance and portrayed life of an actress. How she has to face family tensions along with compromises in her professional life? 

Both became pillars of so called parallel cinema? I personally do not agree with the

terminology. Cinema is cinema, where is the difference? Difference is in the way of treatment of the media.
Satyajit Ray, Shyam Benegal & Govind Nilhani had something UNIQUE in them. Whatever they touched became a milestone in history of cinema. Thus Smita ji became the natural choice for that type of cinema.

I also saw Smita Patil in a Marathi film where Mohan Aghase acted. It was some story of village/tribal life. They went to take out the honey in forest their due to stings the hero died. It was Jait Re Jait?

Smita Patil worked in a project showing plight of Devdasi tradition where girls are gifted to Goddess Yellama. They are often called daughters of Yellema. She played a role of such exploited women. I think its name was fx/k Gidh- The Vulture. How the man becomes like a vulture? Shown and compared in the film. All men were hungry for flesh and tried all their religious excuses just to pry on flesh of small girl child. As soon as girls are gifted to Goddess, the priest jumped on girl just to satisfy his lust.

Then there was a film Raavan.

Most memorable image is from film Manthan. I loved the song nw/k dh ufn;k ckgs tk ekjs ?kj vxuk uk “mhare ghar angna na …” Beautifully sung by Preeti Sagar, what a powerfull voice she has. I looked as if this song was just written and composed for her voice only. No other singer could have done justice to this song.

Mirch Masala and Bhavani Bhavai were other two movies who etched out permanently on me. Both had Gujarat, saurasthra in backdrop. Mirch Masala was full of stars, Dina Pathak, Naseeruddin, Smita Patil Om puri,

I think all her roles were chosen to depict strong and fighting women. Who choose to stand against the male domination? Gaman, Sadgati, Raavan, Gidh, Bhumika, charandas chor, Bazaar, Mandi, Manthan, Jait Re Jait, Mirch Masala all such movies were not masala movies. But all made a statement. All will be remembered for her roles/acting.

There was this film in which she says she will give waris to this land, it was made in Punjabi background. Later I read in newspapers that the dubbing was done by Rekha ji.

Another film in which Ambrish Puri, Smita played role of s singer or a dancer(?) He did not marry her, later when she was living in his home, she left that home and went away as he refused to marry her (I think)

Burgad- Banyan tree pooja? why? Vat Savitri?

बरगद  बरगदाही  वटपूजा Every year my mother used to keep fast on this day that falls in JUNE? this day is dedicated to  Burgad  which is called as vat in Sanskrit. in some parts of India  it is called Vat Savitri Vrat वट् सवित्रि व्रत all married women keep fast and do not take even water till they perform the pooja of Banyan Tree. savitri  This date or तिथि tithi falls in JUNE every years or few days earlier but one thing i found amazing is that,  it is always near to the #World Environment Day. When whole world celebrates the world environment day and on the other hand we don’t remember the Vat Savitri pooja day with same fervor as i found people mentioning world environment day on social media with a # hashtag? WHY?


I know this pooja has been there in our society since ages. I mean this is performed in India since many centuries. But how come it falls near the day on world environment day? I really don’t know? Why they have kept this day in June as World Environment Day?

बरगद (Bargad) the Banyan tree as world knows, is a symbol of longevity. It never dies.  This tree stands forever, often it lasts more than many generations of human. That’s why it is revered as the someone who Divine and lives forever. Thus all women seek blessings from banyan tree for longevity of their husbands and then sons. And only Banyan tree is competent to give such a boon? since itself lives many hundreds of year!!

Great Banyan Tree, Kolkata

Here comes the gender discrimination? Mothers seek for others and even for yet to come generation? Yes. Women swallow the bud of shoot or branches. it symbolises as the boon for a better healthy SON? I mean the next generation also is being protected by Mothers(to be). Then another symbol is that mothers or women (married) seek blessings for their life and seek that they live as a “suhagan” सुहागन- a married woman all her life. Silently they seek blessings to die being a married woman. That has connotation of the social stigma attached to the Widow women in the society?

they should remain married till their death? this is the extreme sacrifice of women and mothers.

Mothers wake up early before anyone in family wakes up. Specially Husbands and Sons. Daughters usually help their mothers and follow her.

Mothers prepare themselves so that they take up this ritual being or remaining as “PIOUS”. it is like penance more than anything else for our mothers. They have to fulfill the duties of households also. Mother & Father in-laws, Husband, Brother & sister in-laws, Sons & daughters in that order of priority in any usual family.   Mothers prepare food, clean houses, etc. Lucky are those mothers who get help from others and those who leave aside these for time being and perform pooja.

Poori पूरी , 12 balls of wheat flour are cooked and few other sweets. Specially the Gram  or some call it as black gram (chick pea) soaked in water or boiled are used. They go to any Banyan tree nearby  in their locality . There they perform pooja. Seek blessings from the presiding deity of that day the Banyan Tree,  who is evergreen tree that means she lives for infinity? They swallow the tender shoot apex of the tree.

images (63)
Bright fruit & shoot

Actually these are not edible as listed in the link (Banyan Tree click and read) see that shoot apex is not edible even then women swallow it? without complaining. that is the height of sacrifice of mothers, who do it for blessings of a good SON? who will support his mother in her old age?

Savitri is known all over India as a Goddess like figure.

images (57)
Savitri- Satyavan- debating with Yamraj

It has continued for centuries from generations to generations. Whether anyone is educated or uneducated, but they must be knowing about Savitri.  She has brought back her dead husband from the clutches of Yamraj the God of Death. Not many got this chance. She was a brave lady. with her determination, courage, wit, wisdom, persistence debated with the God of Death and then with her wisdom made god of death to return her Husband. It is a very famous story commonly known to all the households, who celebrate this day.

Banyan Tree has been an important part of our village life since centuries. It is needless to emphasise it. But in context of the present times when young generation is forgetting everything which is Indian then it is very important to repeat whatever we know? In age of #social media and when the #hashtag has become a method of making any statement, reading writing our old traditional stories is becoming meaningless? is it?  I had written earlier that we have been totally cut off from our roots, as we do not know our own language Sanskrit? Sanskrit a language, Sanskritee, sanskritaah and also History untold, re-told, historians revisiting their works  All or most of our treasure was written in Sanskrit. For the past 500 years or so we have been detached from our language Sanskrit. Do you know how many children feel happy while reading Sanskrit in their school. They think it as a burden? But Why? Why this perception has crept up in their mind? I largely put ourselves (Parents) at fault? but then they are also not to be blamed. In schools also the apathy is noticed towards learning of Sanskrit?

Tanna Island

The villages used to have a small hermit of trees nearby. What I am saying is that Earlier there was large green cover around villages and all other places. When population started increasing, that resulted in need of land. Most natural and easy way was to cut forest cover? Still there was small patch of forest left untouched in most of the villages. By tradition and belief they were considered Sacred. These small hermit of trees housed many varieties of trees and in return it housed flora and fauna.

Banyan tree like that of Peepal, Neem were always considered as sacred. Now scientifically we know that Peepal tree exhale Oxygen 24 hours? Thus if there are Peepal Trees that means morebanyan2 oxygen around us.  Most of the banyan4village weekly markets were held in some kind of hermit of trees. Most often big Banyan trees and encircling trees/shrubs offered best place to assemble.  I have seen many temples  who have these sacred trees in their vicinity.   images (53)

I have always liked the Banyan Tree which was there in the central place in our IIT Kanpur campus. Every one in IIT knew about that grand Banyan Tree. It was a big tree spread over a large area. Earlier two or three school buses used to stand under it. Students from Armapur and other parts of Kanpur city came by these buses to attend KV IITK. In free period we sometimes used to go to this tree. It housedownload (15)d many ant holes. I have almost learnt many biology lessons under it? strange? But true. It provided shelter to Squirrels, many types of birds, small insects. Few bird Nests were there. worms larvae etc all we could see there. As time changed this big tree together with its encircling patch of ground was enclosed by wire fence.

In many villages still there are few Banyan trees left. I have heard that people out of superstition do not keep Banyan, Peepal trees near to their residences? Why?  But it was true that earlier people thought these trees as sacred.

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Banyan roots as a tool of happiness
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Bright fruit & shoot





I have not read this book by R K Narayan yet?  this picture below right indicates that it is nice place to hold gurukul classes or Dance class or performance? as I dream it must have been there in Kalashetra, as dreamed by Smt Rukmini Devi Arundale in Adyar, Chennai? download (16)download (17)download (18)

There in Adyar also a big Banyan Tree was there, it was  of several years old?

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What has happened to Indian Sahitya?

Did you know that Bankim Chandra Chaterji wrote “Rajmohan’s wife” in English published in 1864?
With advent of English and English writers on the scene of Indian literary world with the awards such as Booker’s, there has been considerable increase in the number of Best Sellers, that too in English and in India and by Indian Writers. That is the point where trigger of Indian Literature scene has been catapulted. Today there was one hastag #1yearofSOI on twitter trailing or trending. I thought what has happened to our own Indian rich heritage of Sahitya?
Many years back I was waiting with lot of enthusiasm for a telecast on Doordarshan of award ceremony of Smt Mahadevi Verma ji. Iron Lady Mrs Margret Thatcher and Smt Indira Gandhi were there to give away the award. It was most contrasting and most amazing moment in my life. An English PM was there to felicitate a Hindi Writer and that too an Indian. It was in 1982? After that I have searched the photograph of that event I was not able to see it on internet? There were MoortiDevi, Jnanpith awards in all Indian languages, I think English was also included in it. Since that’s why Nayantara Sahgel and Anita Desai got awards for their works in English in India?
With the wining of awards by Arundhati Roy scene changed. Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri, Kiran Desai also made news. Even as English writers I knew Nayantara Sahgel, Smt Anita Desai. But before that RK Narayan and MulkRaj Anand (purple or untouchable??) and also Ruskin Bond I knew.
Later Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathhi, Patnaik, Ira, few other are now Best Sellers?
But I was amazed that the works on SHIVA (and trilogy ?), RAM, Mahabharata, SATI, etc are the topics of best sellers, that too written in English.
Has our rich heritage of literature SAHITYA got set back? Kalidas, Jaidev, PremChand, Dwedi ji, Dinkar, Nirala, Mallikarjun, Renu, Nagar. I admired Krishna Sobti, Shivani ji, qurtulin Hyder, Ismat chugtai (though I read les of her works) Many more… do they have to be written in English to be known? Something has happened to our own languages and Sahitya?
It has to be thought while preparing the EDUCATION POLICY?