The #Diva- one & only #SitaraDevi ji #nrityasamragyi; #Queen of #kathak


The moment you see Sitara Devi ji here in every frame the bright spirit comes alive.

Not only for women’s day but for my respect and remembrance I thought to “google” some images of our great Artist. From thousands of images I could select few and copied and pasted here. sitara3

I wish i can write a small booklet on her. Each frame tells a story. That story I will imagine and try to write  in my way. But for now, on women’s day, she is the true symbol to pay respect towards her (an untiring spirit of a woman).

I had seen her programs on Doordarshan all black and white broadcast from Lucknow Doordarshan Kendra during 1980s. I wish all are available in doordarshan archives? Similar programs of GopiKrishna were also telecasted.

I am not the only one who is in awe of her. The famous Dance critic writer Sunil Kothari said about her “Sitara was exceptionally talented. Full of energy and infectious spirit, her dance cast a spell on audiences, not for the nazakat (delicacy) and khubsoorti (beauty) the Lucknow gharana was known for, but for her electrifying Kathak. Sitara’s endearing way of speaking to the audience, be it in Motihari village in Bihar, or Carnegie Hall in New York, won her the affection of connoisseurs and lay people. She was a law unto herself.?       These words sum up about her in little.

The moment Sitara Devi ji used to come on stage, whole of stage seemed to be electrified.

Although SitaraDevi ji hailed from a Brahmin family, where it was a social stigma on dancing by girls of such families. But due to encouragement from her Father and guru Pt Sukhdev Maharaj, she got opportunity to learn Kathak Dance from her elder sisters Tara ji, who was mother of Natraj GopiKrishna ji. Another elder sister was Alakhnanda ji who was also a famous kathak performer of her time. I think she died nearly in 1984 ??? i dont remember exact year. But when I went to BHU to appear in an examination there i had read in a news paper that Alakhnanda ji was seriously ill and ailing in a hospital. Since I had gone to BHU to appear in an examination and i could imagine how my parents and relatives could have reacted had I requested them to take me to that hospital just to see Alakhnanda ji?? that is situation in our society. Then imagine what hardship these ladies, these legendary stars, had to face during their childhood in 1920s or 1930s?


Eldest sister of SitaraDevi ji Smt Alaknanda Devi ji
Sitara Devi ji was a permanent star attendance at most famous Holi Dhamal of RK Studio,.

pic 1

Has anyone thought that a  LP record of a classical dancer will be brought out in those times? HMV might have thought of her popularity among people of India for her singing and dancing capabilities.

Sitara Ji always loved the brighter side of life, i think that shows her positive attitude towards life. the zeal to live life to its fullest.sit1  sit6

sit10Dilip saheb considered as her sister? She was married to the husband of his sister, thus by our indian traditions She was his sister? we had great traditions in India. Till recently Sitara ji visited Dilip Kumar saheb ji on Rakhsabandhan, to tie Rakhi.

Sitara ji married at her own terms. Sitara Devi was married to Nazir Ahmed Khan then to K. Asif and then to Pratap Barot. K Asif was brother of wife of Nazir Ahmed Khan.


sitara3 (1)

In this age Dr Sitara Devi ji came up on stage and people sought her blessings, at Sur Singar Sansad. Here daughter of Sitara Devi Ji Smt JayantiMala presented her dance. After Sitara Devi ji and Gopi Krishna ji there is no one who can bear the Torch of Banaras Gharana of Kathak. I mean that charm and majesty which these star dancers carried will be missed.

queen of kathak   pic old   sitara 13

Each and every frame depicts her as lively persona



in filmssitara15sitara10



     sitara-naushad-suraiyatwo pics

few of videos are in other blog 


This particular image is enough to describe her untiring spirit and ever ready to dance. She was on wheel chair and still performed on stage at a function organised in memory of women empowerment !!! is it not a symbol of untiring spirit.


CHILD ABUSE at home : Child sexual abuse, what can we call it?

While sleeping i felt something unusual, But deep in sleep i could not figure it out. I felt a human body beside me. Thus clinging to that warm body I slept again. Now i know how dangerous is to fall asleep.

After applying his liquid kisses on me, he took me into tight embrace. I also put my arms around him. He was so pleased by this that again he gave me liquid kisses. He uses his tongue to lick my cheeks. Putting his lips on my cheeks, sucked my cheeks tightly. He then as if assuring me tried to caress all over my head, my body and planted kiss on my forehead.

After that whenever i felt something i would move. He immediately took me into his grip of arms. Presented kisses as if, saying don’t worry, everything is ok. For assurance i had bounty of his liquid kisses on me. He many times would say “good child”.

I had picked up habit of imitating him. Whatever he did i did try to do same. He used to kiss on my forehead, cheeks, neck, eyes. i also tried to cling to him and try to kiss him on his chest and his cheeks. When he moved his body towards me then i kissed him. I also imitated him by placing my arms around him. All this happened in dark nights on bed.

he used to kiss me all over. His chest was over my mouth suddenly his nipples were touching  my mouth, at that moment my lips were on his nipple. He liked it. he then moved close towards me and adjusted me so that my mouth be placed on his chest, So that my lips touch his nipples. As soon as his nipples came in contact of my lips, I tried to firm up my lips as if I tried to kiss. He liked it. Actually he was trying to adjust himself so that I can do it again and again on him. He gone mad at that time with lots of groaning moaning sounds. He madly kissed me again and again. He just ate my cheeks as if he will puncture my cheeks. My cheeks were full of his saliva. He rolled his warm tongue all over my cheeks. He sucked cheeks strongly. Whole of my cheeks he pulled by making vacuum inside his mouth. as if sucking all my cheek.

When i tried to suck his nipple he laughed. I heard him laugh in that darkness. My ears were full of thumping sounds of his heart. His chest was so close to my face. He was taller and huge well built guy.

After I slept i didn’t know what happened? when he came? when he untied his cloths?. But when he placed his leg on me then the touch of his skin indicated that he is without cloths. he placed his leg on me as if keeping me under his control.

When he placed his leg on me, my hand touched his thighs. he lifted his leg and adjusted himself so that my hand touch him where both of his leg meet. He pressed his arms around me tightly, he pushed me down and funny thing was that he presented many kisses.

Again while sleeping in his arms encircling me, suddenly some movements woke me up. my hand found that he had loosened his loin cloth and he was rubbing himself against my body. there it was, a very hard erect thing. He might have also known that i have woken-up so he again encircled me with his strong arms and pulled towards his chest and tried to assure with soft kisses and started licking me. he guided my hand and placed it around that pulpy tube like organ. he guided my palm to grip it and make movements. By All that he meant as to tell me what to do??

My palm touched that stiff, erect hard thing. what was it? A hard fleshy thing. He started moaning. suddenly he took me into his tight grip, i thought he will break my bones. But he did not forget to put liquid kisses. I was made to turn halfway, now i was completely in his grip. He started rubbing vigorously his belly against me. I think he knew that i loved his liquid kisses, thus whenever i tried to stop him, softening his grips he kissed me.

with tightened arms around me, he thrust his belly on me with more force. when i tried to move he would just soften his arms. when i again start sleeping he would again do something.  All few days all this touching thing went on.

That day also he stayed in my house. Strangely i was sleeping, something happened, since by now i had become habitual of this body touching and tight grips. thus thinking that something happening as usual, carelessly i just put my arms also around him and slept.

I felt some pressure, he kissed me. He was partly naked. i felt his bare chest at my back.

when he applied force that time i might have woken up, he then forcefully took me into arms and was thrusting his belly into my back.  He had trapped me in his arms so i could not move freely, he caressed all over my body. he surveyed my back. When he forcefully pressed his belly into my back i was shocked. there he had applied his saliva, at that moment when he thrust his organ into me and When his raw flesh (devil) touched on that spot i was blown into pieces. He thrust his fly. his organ was trying to pierce into me. He was halfway through. At that moment With full force I moved a little and came out of bed. That night changed me for forever.

This incident brought some of the previous memories to fore, which i had forgotten.

These happened when i was i think 6 or 7 years old.

one dark night I woke-up due to some unknown sensation in my lower part, I found one of my cousin lying beside me. He was much elder to me. he was doing some movements holding me.  he guided my arm to hold in grip a slippery tube like bulbous structure. Holding my hand he made to do some to and fro movements with speed. After some time some strong smashing jerks felt by my hand. I could not see anything since it was a darkest night, i have ever known.

then he lifted and took me somewhere to another place. When he placed me on a bed i found there was another naked body.  i felt his skin.  It was a big body and well built. He took me into his arms, gently. Despite of a tough body he was gentle enough to kiss me several times. This was amazing and strange kiss i ever had. i never had such type of kiss ever before.

He adjusted me beside him on his bed. My cousin who brought me on that bed went back. This naked BIG body kept his arms around me as if i am a petite little chicken who has to be treated softly. he made me to cling to his body with his strong big arms. Immediately He made my left palm to hold something. It was much more magnificent than my cousin’s organ, hard, bulbous, smooth silky, wet, and erect with warmth. It also had some jerky motion within it. Only missing thing was that i could not see it. There was complete darkness of night. nothing was visible. He was holding me in arms while offering kisses. Body was wet with sweat. But that thing was much more longer than my palm. While i was guessing what this long thing is? He squeezed me, climbed on me, I felt crushed under his huge body and he was doing all his jumping motion on me, i wanted to run out. he held me strongly under his body. He was strong built… I tried to run out of the cot.   to that he said what happened my child? where are you going?

he was a tenant in my grandmother’s house. That night my grandmother was not at home. she had gone to attend a pooja at neighbour’s house which usually they do in the NAVRATRI days. Devi Jagran.

Then whenever i felt something unusual thing while sleeping i found my cousin doing something at my front. While taking nap in summer afternoons, he used to come on bed and lay beside me. I was staying alone with grandmother during summer holidays. In afternoons time, Everybody would sleep. He wore just a cloth around his waist. so he was completely naked. encircling my body with his hand around me. he would make my hand to take his organ in grip and to do some movement over it.

Was this not child molestation?  where i could have complained? these persons were known to me, trusted persons.

That person who recently did this to me was much Elder to me.

He used to stay in our house whenever he used to go city for his job. He always got chance to stay at our house. By touching and praising he made my body accustomed to his TOUCH. then slowly he had graduated on to sneaking into my bed at Nights. Then he made me feel his kisses, liquid and warm kisses, gradually he introduced me to his bare body, his strong arms, He used to encircle me in his tight grip of arms.

Even after so many years of my life those acts and touch and that piercing act,  all that just dont leave me, they come all over again to me. What I can do?

देवी नवदुर्गा NavDurga नवरात्री

Terracotta Sculpture dating to 17th Century AD, Nepal from National Museum Nepal

शैलपुत्री Shailputri
ब्रह्मचारिनी Brahmacharini
चन्द्रघण्टा Chandraghanta
कुष्माण्डा Kushmanda
स्कन्दमाता Skandamata
कात्यायनी Katyayini
कालरात्री Kaalratri
महागौरी Mahagauri
सिद्धिधात्री or सिद्धिदात्री Siddhidhatri

देवी नवदुर्गा Nav-durga: 9 Divine Forms of Maa Durga नेपाल नवरात्री

NavaDurga symbolizes 9 forms आदिशक्ति adi-shakti Goddess Durga. During Navratri, we awaken energy that is personification of universal mother Goddess Durga. in Navratri commonly 9 devi roop or shakti are revered each day together they called as navdurga

1 शैलपुत्री Shailputri,

2 ब्रह्मचारिनी Brahmacharini,

3 चन्द्रघण्टा Chandraghanta,

4 कुष्माण्डा Kushmanda,

5 स्कन्दमाता Skandamata,

6 कात्यायनी Katyayini,

7 कालरात्री Kaalratri,

8 महागौरी Mahagauri and

9 सिद्धिधात्री or सिद्धिदात्री Siddhidhatri.

From The National Museum of Nepal (Kathmandu) (Rashtriya Museum)  

for these sculptures nice name is there mrinmaya-kala मृणमय कला that means Clay Art? terracotta Art


Cellular Jail, Port Blair Andaman Nicobar Islands

आजादी का अमृत महोत्सव Cellular Jail Sndaman


human memory is said to be strong? but opposite is also true.
it is only 500 years ago that a prosperous city was thriving in central India.
But name Hampi-VijayaNagar, Pampa-Kishkindha are forgotten and everyone remembers only mughals

no one lives in Hampi now? is it a city? but in Delhi or Red Fort Area people encroached land and now dense populace resides there. Each one must be claiming as original owner of land-as each one might be having patta -land records issued by Revenue department. So their claim is true?
during these 500 years what happened that city of hampi is now a deserted place? once it was said to be wealthiest biggest well planned city in world? why we didn’t read all these travel documents?
here in India we don’t even know names of those travellers who wrote about Hampi? i doubt if their names are in school text books.

National Museum, New Delhi – Pre-Gupta Sculpture

amazing collection from National Museum by Kevinstandage

Kevin Standage

Continuing my series of blog posts showcasing the highlights of the National Museum in New Delhi, it’s time to turn our attention to the pre-Gupta sculptures that are housed in the museum.

The museum is of course famous for its Harappan Gallery, and in terms of Gupta and medieval sculpture there is an abundance of pieces on display in the museum. For this specific time period however, in particular from the Mauryan Empire, there is not much on display to the public. I can only assume this is largely because such pieces are housed in the local museums near to specific sites across the country.

The highlight for me has to be the 2nd century Buddha carved from dark grey Schist, quite unlike any other piece in the museum and wonderfully executed. For me this the standout masterpiece of the entire museum.

The galleries containing sculptures are a little mixed…

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Desire and devotion: Apsara, ganika, devi, yakshi

Desire and Devotion?

Somewhere i had read on same title there was an exhibition of objects of Arts. on was details on an exhibition on Desire and devotion, with collection of art objects copy paste in browser and have a look

if i write elaborately about all images that will require huge space. There were many treatise written about desire. famous and most popular became was KamSutra

Kamsutra said to be written by Vatsyayan, but most appropriate word would be that He compiled & researched over that topic-KamShahstra. He studied earlier written material available to him.

as per his compilation a Man or so to say a human has to have certain qualities, he must know or atleast be able to appreciate these arts. these include Singing, playing musical instrument, Dance, Drama-theatre, Painting-sketching Art, mystique ability, Diplomacy, knowledge of scriptures, able to solve problems, few languages, knowledge of many things-wisdom.


1.गानविद्या- आपको गाने में प्रवीण होना चाहिए. आप जब गाएं तो सुनने वाला बस उसी में खो जाए.
2. वाद्य – तरह तरह के बाजे बजाना आना चाहिए3.

3. नृत्य – बेहतर डांस करने वाला अपनी आकर्षक भाव भंगिमाओं और अदाओं से किसी को भी सम्मोहित कर सकता है.
4. नाट्य – जीवन में अभिनय की बहुत जरूरत पड़ती है, लिहाजा इसमें पारंगत होने पर आप कहीं भी मात नहीं खाएंगे, अपना काम बनवा सकते हैं.
5. चित्रकारी – ये वो कला है, जो आपको खुद को अलग तरह से जाहिर करने की ताकत देती है.
6. विचित्र सिद्धियाँ दिखलाना-  वात्स्यायन का आशय प्राचीन काल की उन सिद्धियों की ओर होगा, जो कम लोग जानते हों और उनका विशेषज्ञ होकर अाप अपनी खास स्थिति बना सकते हैं. मौजूदा जमाने में इसका मतलब तकनीक क्षेत्र में नई चीजों के प्रति पकड़ को लेकर समझा जा सकता है.
7. कूटनीति- कूटनीति घर से लेकर बाहर तक हर जगह जरूरी है, इसमें पारंगत होने से जीवन आसान हो जाता है
8. ग्रंथों को पढ़ाने का चातुर्य – विद्वान होना चाहिए और ग्रंथों की जानकारी होना चाहिए ताकि इन्हें पढ़ाकर धाक जमा सकें.
9. समस्यापूर्ति करना – यानि तरह तरह के मैनेजमेंट में उस्ताद होना. जो आज भी उतना ही जरूरी है
10. विभिन्न देशों की भाषा का ज्ञान – कई विदेशी भाषाओं का जानकार होना आपकी काबिलियत और लर्निंग की तेजी की क्षमता को दिखाता है.
11. समस्त कोशों का ज्ञान- इससे आपको दुनियाभर की हर क्षेत्र की जानकारी होगी

कामसूत्र की वो कलाएं, जिससे बना सकते हैं पैसा
ये वो कलाएं हैं, जिसमें पारंगत होने से आप अपना रोजगार शुरू कर सकते हैं और अच्छा खासा पैसा भी कमा सकते हैं

1. तरह-तरह खाने की वस्तुएं बनाना
2. तरह-तरह पीने के पदार्थ बनाना
3. नाटक आख्यायिका आदि की रचना करना
4. बेल-बूटे बनाना
5. प्रतिमा आदि बनाना
6. बढ़ई की कारीगरी
7. गृह आदि बनाने की कारीगरी
8. सोने, चांदी आदि धातु तथा हीरे-पन्ने आदि रत्नों की परीक्षा
9. सोना-चांदी आदि बना लेना
10. गलीचे, दरी आदि बनाना

कामसूत्र की वो कलाएं, जो उपयोगी हो सकती हैं
1- हाथ की फुर्ती के काम
2- कपड़े और गहने बनाना
3- रत्नों को नाना प्रकार के आकारों में काटना
4- विजय प्राप्त कराने वाली विद्या
5- खानों की पहचान
6- हार-माला आदि बनाना
7- कान और चोटी के फूलों के गहने बनाना
8- फूलों के आभूषणों से श्रृंगार करना
9- नयी-नयी बातें निकालना

कुछ और कलाएं
– कठपुतली बनाना, नाचना
– वृक्षों की चिकित्सा
– छल से काम निकालना
– समस्त छन्दों का ज्ञान
– वस्त्रों को छिपाने या बदलने की विद्या
– मन्त्रविद्या

on this link a accurate translation of Kamsutra can be accessed

there are 7 volumes of section has 36 chapters?

Streets of India


भारत Bharat and भारतियता Bhartiyata most of people know it as India and Indian Sanskriti? but is Bhartiyata same as Indian Sanskriti? with past experience i can say our bhartiyata or Sanskriti is thriving only in by-lanes of our villages or small towns, I call them as “Streets of India“.

They show actual picture or real India. Daily these streets come alive during odd hours, when so called civilized sleep. Many people tend to look up to roads, highways as the sign of development. But real society lives in and depends on such small by-lanes/Streets of India

Everyone of us must have seen such streets around us.


In early hours in morning when most people don’t even wake up, few people struggle to clean our streets.

their contribution is greatest. but remains neglected in so called civilized society. Our streets look clean only due to such workers and also participation of residents of streets. Residents forget that it is their street and they only make it dirty?

now due to idea of स्वच्छ भारत अभियान #Swachhbharat everyone has become aware about cleanliness. All due to our PrimeMinister Shri Narendra Modi ji.


this photo is of early morning when people get up and after taking baths etc often seen rushing towards temples in bylanes of Kashi. few people go to office-shops but hurriedly run towards temple to seek blessings of God.

later in morning photo below shows a mother going to drop her daughter at school. Might be that her husband gone to office? or in some households sending children to school is priority? thus husbands can wait at home so that mother can drop her child at nearby schools. few schools too are open in same by lanes so that such mothers or families can send their wards to schools without traveling long distances?


then after 9 or 10 few vendors start coming in streets, they sell usefull things of daily use, those who don’t want to go far in searching they get benefited. But mostly women or ladies of house are left to fend for such works-arranging daily needs?

often milk-curd-yoghurt? fruits-grocery items come in streets. now a days with availability of 2 or 3 wheelers frequency of vendors has increased. Everything is available at doorstep.

Besides such scenes there are congested streets in many cities designated as business hub or markets. Streets in chandni chowk Delhi, aminabad in Lucknow, seesamau in Kanpur, similar lanes are in every city.











c73629240b1213facfb80368de62ad53 (1)






these photos below i like very much as they show the actual life on streets

women go for marketing in such streets and they get all necessary things of rtheir use also for their family. often in many places(city or towns) there are few designated streets, where only itmes of use of women are found. in Kanpur near shivalaya, Bada Chauraha one market was there. in that market all sorts of things were available, jewellery cloths fashion accessories etc. all items at one market.





while looking at his photo i am reminded of lannes of old Ganeshgunj, Lucknow, Jareeb-chauki, Kanpur, one lane from side of road that leads from Gurudwara chowki(gumti) no5, Kanpur. in afternoons or around 12 or so lanes become somehwhat empty & with silence.


Sculpt’About: Lorenzo Quinn



For Quinn, sculpture is primarily an art of communication, a medium through which he aims to help people evolve further in tolerance, understanding and harmony. ‘I make art for myself and for people who wish to come along for a ride through my dreams’, he says. ‘How we live our own lives is of the utmost importance, and most of my work has to do with values and emotions.’

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